Friday, September 22, 2023

AuronPlay, El Rubius and TheGrefg lead a collective complaint against the hacker who left Andorra without internet

Some days ago Andorra was at the center of the scene after a cyberattack occurred that affected the internet service and directly affected the activity of streamers based there. Those most affected by this situation were Rubiusautoplay and TheGrefg since the incident against Andorra Telecom occurred during the transmission on Twitch of the SquidCraftGames.

AuronPlay, El Rubius and TheGrefg lead a collective complaint against the hacker who left Andorra without internet

Beyond the fact that the event itself generated endless memes and comments -and once again brought to the table the debate about content creators who have moved to the principality to pay fewer taxes-, those affected have made it clear that they do not they will stand idly by.

In the days after the hack that affected Andorra’s connectivity, some of the streamers chose to talk about what steps they would take. One of the most vocal has been AuronPlay, who even assured that they already had data on where the attack came from; and did not hesitate to comment that would file a collective complaint in front of the authorities.

What we will do is go to the police and file a collective complaint. Even the same telephone company is also going to denounce it. […] By grace or unfortunately, you are messing with people who have the financial resources to see this through to the end. I respectfully tell you that one day you will repent, and it is not a threat, it is a threat to the law. When a judge sentences you, then you will cry.

AuronPlay, about the complaint against the hacker who attacked Andorra Telecom

The streamers from Andorra claim to have identified the hacker

Beyond what was mentioned about the collective complaint that the streamers of Andorra plan to proceed with, the first necessary step would be to identify the perpetrator of the denial of service attack. Those involved claims have already obtained several data that would allow them to identify who (or who) was behind the incident that affected Andorra Telecom.

It is worth noting that the streamers —AuronPlay and El Rubius, specifically— have offered succulent sums of money to get data from the Andorran hacker. “We know where the attack comes from, we know who encouraged it. I even have the Fortnite clan to which the person belongs. We have a lot of data,” said Auron himself in a direct on Twitch.

At the moment no more information has been released about the collective complaint, or how the legal situation would progress in the event of actually finding the hacker. The truth is that the streamers of Andorra have been firm in bringing this story Until the last consequences. And it has also become clear, as no new problems were detected in Andorra Telecom, that the attack was designed to achieve a very specific impact during a massive online event.


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