Friday, March 24, 2023

Audi has unveiled a fascinating electric bike that costs more than your car

the last etron presented by Audi is not a car, but a fascinating and exclusive electric mountain bike. The Audi e-tron Electric Mountain Bike is presented as a new electric vehicle with high-end specifications. Of course, if you want to have all the characteristics of this bicycle in your garage, you will have to shell out an absurd amount of money. Specifically, about 8,499 pounds sterling, which translates to almost 10,000 euros and just over $10,200.

If you are one of those who can afford this new electric bike from Audi, you will have to hurry. for now, It is a model only available in the United Kingdom, of which you have three sizes to choose from. The company has labeled the product as “limited edition,” so stocks are low.

How does the price of this Auidi e-tron Electric Mountain Bike compare to other similar electric bikes? Well, we have the e-bikes of the Harley-Davidson brand that start at a cost of 3,399 dollars, although they do not have off-road characteristics. Hummer sells more versatile models that can fetch $3,999. Meanwhile, Jeep is one of the brands that is close to the price of this Audi, with its most cutting-edge models close to 9,000 euros.

At Audi, we have been bold in our commitment to become a leader in the provision of sustainable premium mobility. Audi’s electric mountain bike in collaboration with Fantic is another fantastic example of how we can extend our mobility offering to customers beyond the award-winning models they ride.

Andrew Doyle, Head of Audi UK

What the new electric bike Audi e-tron Mountain Bike offers

The new electric mountain bike presented by Audi, in collaboration with Fantic

According to Audi, this electric bicycle has been inspired by its RS Q e-tron E2. It is available in the same construction as said vehicle, with the classic orange and black colors of Dakar.

For its part, Fantic, the Italian specialist, was commissioned to manufacture the bicycle, using as a base the ultralight aluminum frame of its own XMF 1.7. Unlike the latter, however, the Audi e-tron Electric Mountain Bike arrives with an Öhlins shock, Sram chain, derailleur and derailleur components, as well as a Sella Italia saddle and IN.CA disc brakes. S.

As for its power, we will find a Brose S-MAG 36 motor with 250W of power and 90 Nm of torque. In addition, it has a 720 Wh batteryalso from Fantic, which promises a pretty brilliant lifespan.

Finally, Audi translates the driving modes of its cars to this electric bicycle. In this way, we will find four different formats: Echo, Tour, Sport and Boost. While the former puts electrical performance at the forefront, the mode Tour and Sport They allow you to use the power of the bicycle to the maximum, whether for sports use or on flat terrain. Boost activate the maximum level of electric assistance for the wildest routes.

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