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Attentive! This is what you should do in case your cell phone is stolen as long as they can’t access your accounts; Works on both iPhone and Android

He theft of belongings unfortunately it is something that we must take care of in our day to day. In this case, We present these security measures to you as long as the thief cannot gain access to any of your personal and bank accounts. This works for both Android and iPhone and all we need is our chip and activate different functions of our device.

The first step is to activate the PIN of the SIM card as long as if the thief tries to put the chip in another cell phone, he cannot access or make calls or activate WhatsApp on another device. For this, all you have to do is call your operator and ask for the generic number of the SIM Pin which we will later change in configuration.

photo change sim pin

Most of the applications have the double verification security service, This means that if a user has our email and password we can use our cell phone in order to allow that user to enter or not. If our cell phone is stolen, there is a risk that the criminal can violate this security.

What to do if my cell phone has already been stolen?

The first thing is to call our operator in order to block the IMEI of the cell phone so that calls cannot be made with any SIM. Normally this type of blocking is done internationally as long as it cannot be used in another country.

Punishment of cell phone thieves

Most cell phones have GPS and satellite search, This allows us to search for our cell phone through “Find My iPhone” by Apple or “Find your mobile” by Android.

The next thing would be to block bank accounts and cards in the event that you have them entered in the electronic wallet.

So you can block your WhatsApp account if you lose your cell phone

If you lost your cell phone due to theft or carelessness and you want to protect the information contained in your WhatsApp account We explain how you can block it. This information appears on the official site of the instant messaging application.

  • Use a new SIM card with the same phone number to activate WhatsApp on your new phone. This is the fastest way to disable WhatsApp on the stolen phone. Only one WhatsApp account can be activated with one phone number and on one device at a time.
  • Send an email to WhatsApp () including the phrase “Stolen/lost phone: Please deactivate my account” and your phone number in full international format.


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