Scientists have been warning about it for quite some time, but the information went unnoticed, until the evidence was palpable and obvious: the world is warming and the consequences will be catastrophic.

Indeed, it is already clear that climate change and global warming are seriously harming the environment and natural resources and causing the occurrence of droughts, heat waves, increased rainfall, cyclones and hurricanes, an increase in the level of sea, among others, which, in turn, is “provoking the displacement of workers, interrupted commercial operations, damaged business assets and infrastructure and significantly deteriorated working conditions, health and safety at work, and labor productivity ” (ILO, 2016).


For more evidence here are some data. On Saturday, September 17, an earthquake measuring 7.4 degrees on the Richter scale shook Japan, leaving infrastructure damage and interruptions in transportation and commercial activity that continue to be evaluated.

This earthquake, according to reports, leaving infrastructure damage infrastructure damage and interruptions in transportation and commercial activity that continue to be evaluated. This earthquake, according to reports, has caused the suspension of several semiconductor manufacturers, in addition to the fact that 2.2 million homes were temporarily without electricity.

If you need more evidence of the effects that climate change and global warming are having on the world, here it goes. In Mexico, this past Monday, September 19, an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 occurred whose epicenter was the State of Michoacán, leaving 1.2 million people without power and causing severe damage to physical infrastructure.


A final sign that more and more natural phenomena are responding to climate change generated by the emission of greenhouse gases is Hurricane Fiona, which has just passed through the East Coast of the Dominican Republic, leaving behind trajectory two thousand homes affected, with significant damage to the infrastructure of the area, as well as millionaire losses related to agricultural production.

As can be seen, the phenomena of nature are becoming more active, more frequent and have a greater impact on where they occur. In fact, Al Gore, former vice president of the United States and founding president of the Alliance for Climate Protection, stated that it can be shown “with spectacular photographs (taken from space and also at ground level, on the surface and in the depths of the oceans, in the deserts and in the forests of the entire planet), with magnificent fold-outs, with clear and easily understandable graphics, with reliable and contrasted data, with simple and very revealing illustrations, with digitally processed images that make projections of the future, that climate change is not something imminent, but rather that it will happen”.

The concern of scholars and analysts on the subject is that the climate situation may worsen over the next few years, and they wonder if a point of no return will be reached in relation to climate change and global warming, where “no policy, no measure and no investment can stop and/or mitigate the effects of these phenomena”.