Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Atlético Torcal falls in Galicia in the last minute (3-1)

Nth cruel day for Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal. Víctor Quintero’s team lost again after having the lead at halftime in a match in which the players defended with great determination. Poio Pescamar won in his fiefdom 3-1 thanks to two goals in the last minute, a moment in which the Malaga team could no longer resist the rival’s pressure. The Guadaljaire team conceded their seventh consecutive defeat and still hasn’t gotten its head out of the relegation spots.

Víctor Quintero started Valeria at the door, Julia, Cristi, África and Eva. On the part of Poio Pescamar, Elena bajo palos, Laura Uña, Saki, Martita and Rocío Gómez formed. In the early stages of the match, both teams sought to dominate possession, but neither of them achieved it clearly. The result: few chances and very solid defenses in the opening 10 minutes.

It wasn’t until after a timeout that the first key chance of the game came. Afri drove the ball unopposed to stand in front of Elena’s goal, but the goalkeeper timed it perfectly and came out on top in the one-on-one match. The opportunity served to activate Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal, who opened the scoring in the 13th minute. Eva mounted a lethal counterattack from the wing and assisted Africawho controlled, adjusted the ball and put it low out of Elena’s reach.

The 0-1 in favor suited the Malaga team wonderfully. Víctor Quintero’s men continued their harassment of the rival and almost converted the second. Ceci shot a spectacular shot and put it to Nuria so she could shoot at the post. Meanwhile, Poio Pescamar continually encountered the visiting wall. Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal had a very different defensive performance than what was seen in previous games.

Before the break Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal was able to extend the lead. A brilliant combination between Ceci, Eva and Julia ended with a deflected shot from Africa. Poio Pescamar also had time to put fear into the bodies of the visitors. In the last 30 seconds of the first half, the Galicians threw everything towards Valeria’s goal, but the Malaga team remained firm. The goalkeeper had to save several long shots from Martita, the most dangerous local player so far. The score, therefore, was 0-1 at halftime.

Local comeback

The second half began with greater dominance by Poio Pescamar. The local team almost scored a great goal after a volley from Ale de Paz after a pass from Rocío that was saved by Valeria. The Galicians came out with a better face and forced the discomfort of a Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal with many difficulties in creating plays. The local goal was palpable and ended up coming due to Poio’s great inertia. Rocío Gómez stepped on the ball in the heart of the area and placed it at the left post, impossible for Valeria. The match was tied at one and Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal continued without reaction.

The final five minutes arrived with the same tone. Poio Pescamar tried Valeria again and again with all kinds of shots. Ale de Paz had a very clear opportunity to overtake his team, but the Malaga goalkeeper saved with a great run. She also tested the Poiense team from outside numerous times, with a very recurring play in which Laura Uña finished off crosses that came to her from the corner.

The local team saw the tie as insufficient and took a chance in the final stages with Martita as goalkeeper-player. Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal was not able to withstand the intense pressure and ended up score 2-1 with one minute remaining. Martita precisely started a play in which she passed it to Uña and she put it in for Lara Balseiro to finish at will. The visitors turned to Ceci as goalkeeper-player and in a play in which they did not understand each other Africa and Cristi gave the final 3-1 to Irene García.


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