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Atlético takes a valuable point from the modern ‘Battle of Glasgow’

What does a tie taste like? If we take into account the first part of the Athletic against Celtic the palate will surely sweeten. But the taste memory is provided by the second half, the red-and-white stomach remains halfway in its fight to advance to the round of 16 of the Champions. Because Simeone’s team suffered for 45 minutes from a problem of intolerance towards the electric Scottish proposal. A Japanese recipe with Maeda as the ‘wasabi’ that Simeone’s men spat out, who quickly fell behind. They achieved the equalizer with Griezmann’s equalizer from a penalty. The locals rallied to take the lead again, forcing Simeone to remake his starting eleven. Thus, until a 2-2 that was anesthetized by the red card for Rodrigo de Paul when the ‘colchoneros’ were fighting for victory.

Those who imagined a black and white match, with the epic of the ‘Battle of Glasgow’ reliving, were soon disillusioned. He Celticwho arrived with zero points in the duel, has nothing to do with the repeated stereotypes of Scottish Bronco football. His team is also denying this, having qualified for the Euro Cup in the same group as Spain with a game similar to that played by Brendan Rodgers’ team. Active, electric, with high blood pressure… The match was so dynamic in the first act that even the director found himself overwhelmed.

Galán, extremely overwhelmed by the Maeda gale

The ‘Celts’ are absolute leaders of their championship and they are so with a multicultural formula in which Asian power has great weight. Up to three Japanese players were in the game: Hatate, who had to leave after five minutes due to injury; Maeda, a ‘katana’ against Galán, a novelty in the eleven; and Furuhasi, who opened the scoring with a wonderful one-two with O’Riley. The 1-0 was an ‘anime’ definition that recalled the beginning of the end for Spain in the World Cup in Qatar.

Two quick vignettes that revealed the shortcomings of an Atlético team that throughout the first half was at the mercy of the locals. Galán suffered a lot. Celtic knew that in their band there was an open window towards creative freedom that Maeda took advantage of whenever he could. A creation of modern football, which after several transfers ended up in Scotland, an excellent platform to consolidate itself in the Old Continent, where Asian players are no longer exotic signings.

Griezmann’s draw and Celtic’s quick reaction

He Athletic He alleviated his vulnerability with a penalty resulting from a pass filtered by Rodrigo de Paul to Nahuel Molinasuperior from the physical to mislead Taylor. Hart guessed Griezmann’s intention, a man who lives an idyll with the goal. The rebound fell on him and he just had to send it to the opposite side, as if it were a game of pinball. The equalizer did not translate into a change in the temperature of a match that was dyed green and white..

Celtic came out of the pressure very comfortably. I didn’t play at home, I knew every millimeter of a green in magnificent condition. The wingers took advantage of the limits of the field while Atlético’s midfielders suffered excessively with swings that went nowhere. Hence the logical consequence of the 2-1 score shortly after Griezmann’s draw.

Like a Kurosawa samurai, Maeda explained with an unmarking move to Molina that he could be as vulnerable as Galán, who once again stayed halfway to Palma’s happiness. “I never thought I would go from selling vegetables to becoming a professional footballer”said the scorer of a second goal that made clear Celtic’s superiority.

Llorente shakes the shaker and the red one to De Paul ends the match

It was easy to diagnose Atlético’s main problems. Simeone understood that he had to close the bleeding in Galán’s band. He was replaced by Riquelme, who entered alongside Llorente, replacing an imprecise Saúl. This last change had an immediate effect. The rojiblancos tied shortly after returning to the locker room. They did it through a great progression by Llorente, who put a center that defies gravity. Practically, he indicated the auction to Moratawho adjusted his entire body to achieve a goal that confirms the change of regime.

Atlético felt they could win the game. His followers could be heard among the Scottish masses, who had dominated the story since the performance of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. He wanted to send that same message to his people, Rodgers, who lost their physical impetus against an effervescent red and white team. The change in the local system, halfway between ambition and protection, deprived him of Maeda’s poison. The role of agitator was inherited by Correa coming off the bench and altering the order of a tie that was better for Atlético. However, the visitors gave themselves to the back and forth. Until the red one Rodrigo de Pauldue to a pitiful double yellow, ended the ‘Athletic’ momentum and certified the distribution of points, prior to Celtic’s final siege.

Data sheet:

2 – Celtic: Hart; Johnston, Carter-Vickers, Scales, Taylor; O’Riley, McGregor, Reo Hatate (Paulo Bernardo, d. 7); Maeda, Kyogo Furushashi and Palma (Phillips, m. 62).

2 – Atlético de Madrid: Oblak; Molina, Savic, Witsel, Hermoso, Galán (Riquelme, m. 46); De Paul, Koke, Saúl (Llorente, d. 46); Griezmann and Morata (Correa, d. 72).

Goals: 1-0, m. 4: Furuhashi. 1-1, m. 25: Griezmann. 2-1, m. 28: Palm. 2-2, m. 53: Morata.

Referee: Felix Zwayer (Germany). He sent off De Paul for a double yellow card, for Atlético de Madrid, in the 82nd minute. He admonished the locals Carter-Vickers (m. 30), Luis Palma (m. 48) and Taylor (m. 59) with a yellow card. the visitors Javi Galán (m. 38), Nahuel Molina (m. 49+) and Savic (m. 83).

Incidents: Match corresponding to the third day of group E of the Champions League, played at Celtic Park in front of around 60,000 spectators. Both teams, players and coaching staff, wore black armbands “as a show of respect and support for all those affected by the (Israel and Palestine) conflict”, as Celtic announced, after the Israeli bombings on Gaza and the Hamas attacks in Israel.


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