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Atlético achieves the plenary session at 15 and signs a historical record in the Metropolitano

Go to the Metropolitan It is one of the best activities you can do in Madrid. Especially if one is red and white. With an Atlético season ticket you can access, since January 8, to sessions that always end with three points. It is true that each encounter has a different plot, but there is always a happy ending. Against Villarreal, the ‘colchoneros’ knew how to break the stone to find the diamond. They came back and gave Simeone a victory for his renewal.

With the victory against ‘Submarine‘are already 15 consecutive wins at home (he got 14 at the end of 2011/12 and at the beginning of 2012/13). Everyone remembers Vicente Calderón, but the new red-and-white fiefdom is an impregnable fortress. The goals of Witsel, Griezmann and Lino compensated the initial Gerard Morenowhich sought to frustrate a record that the rojiblancs want to extend to infinity to compete for the League title.

Since the 2011/2012 season, when they were relegated to the Second Division, Villarreal did not use three coaches in the same season. The wish of Miguel Ángel Tena, Castellón and interim sports director this Sunday, is that Pacheta’s relief be Marcelino García Toral. The coach who spent the longest time (from 2013 to 2016 with promotion included) within the ‘Submarino’ in recent seasons. In case there are any doubts about the game he wants, It was reflected from the beginning of the duel against Atlético.

Interim versus eternity on the benches

Touch and tailoring, the formula that has one of its greatest exponents in Quique Setién. The Cantabrian started the season. His adventure lasted until September 5, with a locker room against him. Or so it was expressed. Just the opposite happens at Atlético, totally dedicated to Simeone and his mutant style, which has led to the eighth contractual agreement to become the longest-serving coach in the elite. If he complies with the last link, it will be 15 years as a rojiblanco. An anomaly.

Interimity versus eternity. These two opposites met in a Metropolitano doped up by the last Champions League game and the streak at home. Everything seemed conducive to prolonging an emotional state opposite to that of a Villarreal that is in a place where it is not recognized. He wanted to take advantage of this dichotomy, ‘Cholo’, who placed Saúl in the center of the field. He was replaced by Llorente at half-time. At first, the differences between both sets were visible.

Gerard Moreno drives a ball in the Metropolitano against several Atlético rivals. EP

Goal by Gerard Moreno and draw by Witsel

In a magnificent combinative play that was born in the boots of goalkeeper Jorgensen and ended in Gerard Moreno’s first goal in the 20th minute. A vulgar team could never do something like that. In several actions, Villarreal demonstrated that they are a team that dominates the ball like no other with balance. Oblak thwarted Sorloth’s second in a one-on-one match before the Norwegian asked for a change due to injury.

Of course, Atlético, in its universe of euphoria, was not willing to let a resurrection slow down its momentum. However, he tried too hard. In any context this would be a magnificent solution, but the reality was that Simeone’s men The attacks relied too much on Morata prolonging his magnificent scoring streak. But forget it, when Griezmann plays, he is the one who decides what is going to happen.

Before the break, the locals found the tie because the Frenchman put the rest into play. He built a runway in the left lane, rushing perfect baseline. The architect’s first stone, that with the goal plan in his hand he put it at the far post. An unexpected scorer appeared there: Witsel, who scored his first goal as a red and white player. Everything returned to its place, despite Villarreal’s good first half.

Griezmann gets the diamond

But in the second, Atlético increased its vigilance and increased its energy by one point. He did it thanks to Marcos Llorente, a player who proves to be the driving force that games like this need. Villarreal lost the ball and started running in all directions. The dominance with the ball degenerated into bad starts.

The game was taking a long time for Villarreal, who kept the tie thanks to the fact that Morata did not have the aim of previous matches. ‘Cholo’ wanted to celebrate his renewal and took out all the gunpowder he had at his disposal. He brought in men like Lino or Correa.

Meanwhile, the Castellón defenders were suffering. They seemed in suspension from the times they rose to clear the opponent’s balls. Nothing happens, when the rest fails, Griezmann appears. The comeback culminated with a good finish after an assist from Llorente, the man who changed the game. All this, after Koke’s magnificent prologue. After so much grinding, Atlético found another three points, certified with Lino’s 3-1. Simeone’s race towards eternity, where he already resides as a red and white, and a standing ovation for him.


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