The Williams brothers, Iñaki and Nicohave continued against Rayo Vallecano in San Mamés with the party that they live in the family after their recent international calls with Ghana and Spain collaborating with the brilliant comeback of an Athletic Club that, with a 3-2 win over the Madrid team, sleeps in Champions League positions.

The older brother, Inakiequalized after a gallop the initial goal by Oscar Trejo that put the red-haired team ahead and the little one, Nico, in another similar play, closed the 3-1 with which the first half ended. Between both goals, Oiahn Sancet had made it 2-1 and already in the final part of the clash, after Iker Muniain twice pardoned the 4-1, Radamel Falcao gave emotion at the end of the match scoring 3-2 as soon as he jumped to the field of play.


All this within the Great game that was predicted in the duel between the teacher, Ernesto Valverde, and the outstanding student, Andoni Iraola, who fulfilled the expectations of a great match at La Catedral. It was from start to finish.

Lightning started better, that by minute 3 he had already tried to tickle Unai Simón with a shot from Isi Palazón that the international goalkeeper had to clear for a corner. It would not be the last time that Isi threatened Simón with a long shot, since with another two he was about to score. But one crashed into the crossbar, almost on the crossbar, and the second just went high.

But that was later, in the heat of madness that was the first half, in which four valid goals were scored and three more were disallowed for offside. The last of the three, by Iñaki Williams, very tight.


But, returning to the chronological order of things, Rayo sealed their best start with 0-1. Camel stole the wallet from an Íñigo Martínez who appeared for the first time in San Mamés after his unsuccessful transfer to Barcelona, ​​and loaned out Trejo so that the red-and-red captain opened the scoring in minute 4.

Athletic reacted quickly, which by minute 8 had already tied. But in a play with Íñigo clearly offside at the start of the play.

Athletic did not give up, the Williams warmed up engines and the crash has already run over the visitors. That they saw, first, how the greatest of the saga equalized after making a perfect control oriented to a good pass from Dani García behind the defense. Good final definition of Iñaki, something unusual.


With 1-1 the match became a give and take from which Athletic came out favored. That completed the comeback in a triangulation between Muniain, Berenguer and Sancet that the young midfielder finished off alone and at pleasure at the penalty spot. Navarre quality.

But not that the somersault at half-time was left there because, in another ball behind the defense Yeray found the race of Nico and the youngest of the Williams a precise bite to make it 3-1 beating Dimitrievsky

Before, a possible 1-2 had fallen by the wayside, with a goal by Camello in an also clear offside; and then 4-1, from Iñaki to a pass from Sancet, invalidated by a much tighter offside.


The storm ceased, although it was not very calm. Because as soon as the second half began, Fran García tried to make it 3-2 with a cross shot and Athletic licked it 4-1 on two occasions that Dimitrievski aborted.

The first, a shot by Williams to a center from a set piece by Muniain and the second, a shot by the rojiblanc captain himselfor, at will at the penalty spot, which was cleared by the Macedonian goalkeeper. Good move started by Nico and continued, as in 2-1, by Berenguer.

Muniain had it again for the 4-1 but the Navarrese, about to be substituted, already lacked steam to find a gap between the three posts after a good pass from Williams.


The fourth local goal did not finish and the second visitor did, who left things much more even for the final stretch of the game. In which Ander Herrera had entered with two immediate actions, one defensive and one offensive.

Another old acquaintance of Athletic and La Catedral, Radamel Falcao, was the one who adjusted again in the match, going ahead in a cross from Fran García to Iñigo Martínez who did not have a good return to San Mamés.

Data sheet:

3 – Athletic Club: Unai Simon; De Marcos, Yeray, Iñigo Martínez, Lekue; Dani García, Sancet (Herrera, m.65), Muniain (Zarraga, m.79), Nico Williams (Morcillo, m.79), Berenguer (Paredes, m.90) and Iñaki Williams (Raúl García, m.90) .


2 – Vallecano Ray: Dimitrievsky; Balliu, Catena, Lejeune (Mumin, m.79), Fran García; Comesaña (Unai López, m.69), Oscar Valentín (Pathé Ciss, m.46); Isi Palazón, Trejo (Baby, m.90), Álvaro; and Camel (Falcao m.79).

Goals: 0-1, m.14: Trejo. 1-1, m.14: Iñaki Williams. 2-1, m.28. Sancet. 3-1, m.33: Nico Williams. 3-2, m.80: Falcao.

Referee: Mateu Lahoz (Valencian Committee). He showed a yellow card to the local Dani García (m.45) and to the visitors Oscar Valentín (m.21) and Pathé Ciss (m.67).


Incidents: Match of the sixth day of the First Division league, played in San Mamés before 43,484 spectators, according to official data.