Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Asonahores values ​​Mitur’s loyalty program for travel agents

The Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (Asonahores) valued the loyalty plan for Travel agencies and tour operators of the tourist markets, because it strengthens the international promotion strategy of the Marketing Committee of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur).

David Llibre, president of the entity, affirmed that the DO Travel Rewards Loyalty Program complements the work being carried out by the Ministry of Tourism to promote the country and assured that it will have a positive impact on hotel occupancy in the country, as well as on the touristic offer Dominican in general.

“This innovative proposal will allow the Marketing Committee, of which Asonahores is a part, to design incentive programs for travel agencies, responsible for marketing our tourism product abroad,” he argued.

With this program, he explained, it will be possible to develop “specific actions, whether for a country, a market or a specific destination, making it possible to strengthen and contribute to maintaining over time the promotion based on roadshows that are very successfully carried out by the Ministry of Tourism”, headed by Minister David Collado.

Initiatives such as DO Travel Rewards, he believed that Dominican Republic It continues to differentiate itself and establish us as leaders of the competition, by creating value propositions for our main partners in this sector, which are travel agencies”.

As part of the collaboration of Asonahores with the Ministry of Tourism, which it considered “an example of active integration between the public sector and the private sector, we had the opportunity to learn about and participate in this important project, as well as to confirm the interest of our membership in being an entity active, and support this strategy”.

Llibre spoke at the presentation of the DO Travel Rewards Loyalty Program, and greeted the presence of more than 600 travel agents from different countries in America who came to Santo Domingo to be present at the launch of the program and participate in a meeting of business with Dominican tourism companies at the Jaragua Hotel.


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