Tuesday, November 28, 2023

#AskSRK: Should I see Pathan first or go on honeymoon? What did Shah Rukh Khan say on Fan’s question, taunted Salman

There are always discussions about Shah Rukh Khan and his wit. That’s why he is called King Khan of Bollywood. Shah Rukh’s much-awaited film Pathan is going to release on January 25. In such a situation, how can Shahrukh leave the chance to interact with his fans. Shahrukh kept #AskSRK session on Twitter, under which fans asked him various questions, and Shahrukh answered them all in his own funny way.

Shahrukh turned into a beauty
A user shared such a photo of Shahrukh in which he is seen in female getup. This screenshot is from an award show. Shahrukh is wearing a pink blouse, while women are seen wearing long hair, maang tika, and a chain around their neck. By sharing this photo, the user called her a killer beauty. Shahrukh also did not take long to give his reaction on this photo.

Shahrukh wrote- Oh no, this is me dressed like a woman. I know I look very attractive in every avatar, but you have to find yourself a better crush, my friend. Apologies for the distraction.

taunted salman
A question also came up during the session, where indirectly Salman Khan was taunted. Because the teaser of Salman’s film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan will be shown first in the theater along with the Pathan film. So the user asked – so many teasers and trailers are coming with Pathan, put the teaser of Lage Hath Jawan too tomorrow.
Shahrukh did not take long to understand the user’s question, he also wrote in his own style – Our teaser comes with love, not with the picture. Ha ha!

Took advice from Shahrukh on romance

With this, a user remembered his romance. User wrote- Sir, can we romance in the theater while watching Pathan? Shahrukh also replied in a very candied manner – what about romance, can be done anywhere, anytime. Hey fool, don’t you see time and place a little.

Now Shahrukh is considered to be the king of romance, then why should the fans also hold back from asking him such questions. Another user asked him – Sir, I got married only last week, should I go for honeymoon first, or see Pathan? Shahrukh also did not lag behind in replying. He said- Son, it has been a week, haven’t done honeymoon yet!! Now go and see Pathan with your wife and then have a honeymoon.

Pathan’s craze is speaking on the heads of the fans. Despite all the controversies, fans are booking tickets in full swing. In advance booking itself, many shows of Pathan are said to be housefull. Along with Shah Rukh Khan in the film, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham are also in lead roles.


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