Friday, September 22, 2023

Artificial intelligence is a tool marked by “gender biases”, warns the EU

For the artificial intelligence (IA), the most influential politician in 2050, the best athlete in the world in that same year or the first person to set foot on Mars will be men, which makes it clear that the tool has “gender biases”, according to the warning European Union (EU) through a communication campaign.

Created by the office of the communication consultancy Amen McCann in Uruguay for the EU, and entitled “The Bias RemAIns” (the biases remain, in free translation), the action seeks, with futuristic images and creativity, to highlight that this popular technology “has the same biases that exist in society”.

In an interview with Agencia EFE, the director of Amen McCann In the South American country, Milena Guillot, recalled that when asking the AI ​​for the world leader in 2050, it showed four older men, while if it was asked for the best superhero, it would show four muscular men.

The chatbot and artificial intelligence tools are increasingly accessible to the population, who constantly resort to them to solve different problems, so it is necessary to redouble attention so as not to continue reproducing a hegemonic model.

“The bias was installed in the model. The reflection is that Artificial Intelligence has the biases that we have, because it reproduces our culture. That was the thought and the call to reflection. You have to consider this so as not to repeat a hegemonic model that you don’t want to be a part of”, explained Guillot.

time to change

The executive stressed that society is in “permanent evolution”, which allows AI to become a “more inclusive” model, since it is made by humans and is in a constant learning process.

However, for this it is necessary that when giving a slogan, concepts that help build this inclusion are included, in addition to programming the tool to search for answers from different perspectives such as age, gender or nationality.

“That way you make sure it’s going to give you a richer perspective. You are not left alone with what the orthodox model throws at you,” added Guillot.

Likewise, he considered it necessary to teach the AI ​​to be “friendly, true and inclusive”, and take into account that information or products must be checked more than once to ensure their veracity.

“You have to be careful, because you are dealing with something that is formidable, but you have to be careful because it is not going to solve everything. It is reproducing a culture and you are responsible for accompanying these cultural changes according to values”, insisted the director of Amen McCann in Uruguay.

On the other hand, Guillot recalled that another “very sensitive” issue and with which “great caution” must be exercised is that of intellectual property, since some authors asked not to be included in AI proposals because they understand that it violates their rights.

Artificial intelligence in the corporate world

For his part, the leader of Data and Analytics of Marketing de Relaciones McCann (MRM) in Chile, Gabriel Barrios, told EFE in an interview that Artificial Intelligence is “the wave of automation” and argued that if a company or a business does not consider it within its planning, it may have “a competitive disadvantage”.

The expert recalled that AI is “100% objective” and depends on the data and how the models are trained.

“The data with which I work with my model is very important and it is key to consider diverse work teams. We are humans responsible for artificial intelligence, ”he explained.

In this sense, he was of the opinion that this tool “can enhance” and complement human work, but not replace it.

For this reason, he considered AI an advantage and assured that people “should not fear it” or “resist change”.

“The professionals of the future will be those who use artificial intelligence in their day to day. I am not saying that they develop it, but that they do use artificial intelligence technologies, ”he concluded.


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