Sunday, December 10, 2023

Armed attack at Mercedes-Benz factory: 2 people died

An armed attack took place today at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Sindelfingen, Germany. Police announced that two people were killed in the incident.

In a statement regarding the incident, the police announced that a 53-year-old male attacker shot two people in the production section of the Mercedes-Benz factory today at 07:45 local time. It was stated that the factory security guards intervened and handed over the attacker to the police, and two people who were shot lost their lives. The police noted that both of the deceased were 44 years old. It was stated that the factory building was evacuated after the incident, and the investigation and investigation continues. While local sources stated that the deceased were Turkish citizens, the police have not yet made a statement about the identity of the attacker and those who died.


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