Thursday, November 30, 2023

Arda Güler, one more month out due to injury: “He is depressed because he wants to play”

The coach of real MadridCarlo Ancelotti, appeared this Friday at a press conference before facing the Valencia (Saturday 9:00 p.m.) to talk about the return of Arda Güler to the infirmary, which will keep him out of action for about another month due to new discomfort in his quadriceps.

The Turk had returned to training after suffering a injury that he had been carrying since the American tour. In the preseason in the United States, it seemed that the player had recovered from his meniscus problem, but had to stop due to another setback. This time, a muscle injury in the left rectus femoris.

Now, when it seemed that it would be time for his debut with the white club, his quick return to training and the intensity designed for him rest of his companions It seems to have taken its toll on him. “Discomfort reappeared before match against Bragaobviously he is depressed because he wants to play“, has explained Ancelotti.

The new Sahin?

There are already several players who have reached the real Madrid with the aim of marking an era, but whose paths were changed by an injury. He already happened to his compatriot Nuri Sahinwho only played 10 games for the team during the 2011-12 season and ended up leaving Liverpoolafter suffering an injury from which he did not recover.

But there have also been other cases such as Hazardwhich never became the crack that was expected, or Ansu Fatithat at their 18 yearsthe same ones you currently have Gülersuffered a tear of the internal meniscus of the left knee after which it never recovered its initial level. The man who was called to be Barça’s new ’10’ ended up leaving the club through the back door on loan.

one month away

Nonetheless, Ancelotti has shown confidence in him in his press conference this Friday: “Güler’s future is not in doubt. It’s just a moment and I hope he can recover after the break“. At the club, however, they anticipate that this relapse will keep him off the playing field for another month.

Furthermore, the Italian has compared his career as a footballer with that of the Turk: “I have personal experience that I stopped for two years when I was 21 and then came back”. Even so, the coaching staff of the real Madrid know that with Arda Güler You have to start over and reduce the resistance of the training proposed by Antonio Pintus. They are optimistic, but it is inevitable that the ghosts of the past will resonate in the capital.


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