Thursday, June 1, 2023

Arbeloa and ‘Niño’ Torres star in a fight in Madrid’s Clásico

Álvaro Arbeloa and Fernando Torres staged an attempt at a fight in a Juvenil Division of Honor match between Real Madrid and Atlético.

Remembering their time in the Madrid teams, now in their role as coaches, Arbeloa and Torres provoked each other throughout the duel until it ended in a fight.

In this match, ‘Niño’ Torres began by claiming different plays against Real Madrid. Later, the coach effusively celebrated the 2-0 partial with which the tie was equalized.

But Madrid came from behind and equalized the partial score at 2-2 (4-2 overall), with which Arbeloa began to provoke the mattress bench. And so the meringues took the ticket to the Final Four of the championship.

After the match, Fernando Torres argued with Arbeloa and ended up pushing him, for which the referee expelled him from the field of play and the fans hurled insults at the former scorer.

Then, the coach lost his temper by summoning a follower to see their faces off the field calling him a “clown”.


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