Thursday, June 8, 2023

Applications for unemployment benefits in the US rise

The weekly number of applications for the subsidy for unemployment in USA rose last week to 229,000, that is, 4,000 more than in the previous week, reported Thursday the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, in English).

In the week that ended on May 13, there were 1,794,000 people who received this benefit, 5,000 less than in the previous week.

The percentage of unemployed people with benefits in the past week was 1.2% of the active population, the same as in the previous week.

The unemployment rate stood at 3.4% in April, one tenth less than in March, according to the Labor Department.

The application numbers contrast with the most serious moment of the pandemic, when in the last week of March 2020 there were 6.8 million Americans who requested unemployment benefits.

In the week ending May 13, the largest increases in applications for unemployment benefits were registered in Ohiowith 1,608 more; Connecticutwith 975; Illinoiswith 868, Tennesseewith 640, and Coloradowith 599.

In that same week, the largest decreases in applications compared to the previous week were registered in Missouriwith 2,234 less; Massachusettswith 1,660; New Jerseywith 1,016, Pennsylvania with 742, and Virginiawith 715.


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