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Apple’s October event would be starring video games, believe it or not

There are more and more clues that the next Apple event, which will be held on October 30, will give a lot of importance to video games. Historically, the Mac and the gaming They have been far from being the best of friends. However, that stigma could disappear very soon.

First, we must analyze the unusual time of the Apple event: 5:00 PM, local time in California. It will be 6:00 PM in Mexico and 01:00 on October 31 in Spain. Yes, it seems that those led by Tim Cook do not care about the existence of Europe. However, this strange decision would have a key reason.

When the keynote starts, in Japan it will be 9:00 AM on October 31. According to sources consulted by MacRumorsthis is because a Japanese video game company will have a presence at the Apple event. So that? Possibly to make an important announcement. Thus, they intend to attract the spotlight on the Asian island, something that they could not achieve, to the same extent, with the usual conference schedule.

Another clue is that, as we recently told you, Resident Evil Village will be available on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPad Pro (with M1 processor or higher) on October 30. That is, the same day of the Apple event. Let’s not rule out Capcom taking the stage to present another demo.

On the other hand, on October 30 Sony will launch PS5 game streaming via PlayStation Plus. Although it was already possible to enjoy titles in the cloud at the highest level of the aforementioned service, it will not be until next week when current generation games can be enjoyed that way. Will there be some type of collaboration between Sony and Apple around video games? Maybe it’s the mysterious company mentioned before…

Finally, we cannot leave aside the main objective of the next Apple event: present the new Mac. If the reports that have emerged in recent months are correct, several models will debut the new M3the first computer chip produced under a 3-nanometer lithographic process.

We can expect the classic leaps in performance, but the main novelty would be found in its GPU. The A17 Pro chip, the brain that gives life to the iPhone 15 Pro, is a graphical beast. Its 6-core GPU is 20% faster than the previous generation and has hardware-accelerated Ray Tracing. Why not think that the M3 will also follow the same path to embrace more gaming on macOS?

The icing on the cake is an announcement that Apple itself made in the middle of the year. During WWDC 2023, they presented a DirectX 12 emulator that allows you to run Windows games on macOS. Days after making it available to developers, some curious people managed to make unofficial ports of Cyberpunk 2077 and Diablo IV. In both cases, of course, they needed to be polished. Imagine what CD Projekt Red and Blizzard can do given enough time…

Perhaps during the October 30 event we will see the biggest bet that Apple has made on video games in its entire history…

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