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Apple’s next thing would be an AI capable of detecting your emotions

The next challenge of Manzana would be to develop a health and wellness service based on an artificial intelligence capable of detecting your emotions. This is stated in the most recent report by Mark Gurman, from Bloombergwho ensures that this new tool would be based on data collected by the Apple Watch.

The aforementioned journalist indicates that, thanks to this new technology, Apple would encourage users to improve their eating habits, exercise or sleep better. The project would be known internally as Quartz and would be being developed by members of various company teams. Among them, the divisions of services, health and Siri.

By integrating the information from the Apple Watch with artificial intelligence, those from Cupertino would seek that their new platform be capable of designing training programs or suggestions for the specific needs of each person.

Gurman indicates that this health service could come next year. It would do it with a separate application and it would be offered in exchange for the payment of a monthly subscription. In any case, the renowned journalist left the door open for it to be postponed or cancelled.

And while Apple’s new artificial intelligence would be released independently in 2024, some of its features could debut early. The report of Bloomberg mentions that those from Cupertino would add an initial version of the emotion tracker to the Health app this year.

With this new option, users could record their mood on a daily basis. To do this, they should answer a questionnaire about how their day has gone, in order to provide a comparison of the information over time. However, this would be a very primitive implementation compared to what would be sought to be offered in the future.

Apple puts its chips on a health service based on artificial intelligence

While the Apple Watch would play a crucial role in the development of artificial intelligence to detect emotions, there are also big plans for the iPhone. It is speculated that Californians would bet on creating algorithms that can identify mood swings from voiceas well as through the rudeness of the words typed in messages and the information coming from other services.

Still, the latter today seems like a pretty remote possibility. Also, you should see How would it impact people’s privacy?something on which Apple always places special emphasis.

For now, the use of Apple Watch data and its analysis and collection with artificial intelligence seems the most feasible path. After all, most modern smartwatches can measure stress, heart rate, breathing, and sleep quality, among other factors. It would not be strange, then, for a commitment to develop an algorithm that can unify the information from the smart watch to identify patterns linked to possible mood swings.

It remains to be seen if this possibility finally comes to fruition. The truth is that Apple is placing great emphasis on its services focused on health and well-being. Something that in recent times has deepened thanks to the implementation of functions like the one that predicts ovulation. In addition, it is rumored that those from Cupertino are working on a blood glucose meter that would not require a puncture.

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