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Apple’s design team did not want to launch augmented reality glasses this year

Apple’s augmented reality glasses will arrive—except for a major surprise—this year. AND they will do so despite the firm’s design teamwhich would have discouraged the board from launching what they consider premature.

so he picks it up Financial Times, which quotes people close to the project. According to the medium, Tim Cook, CEO, would have sided with Jeff Williamsresponsible for operations and to whom the design team reports since the departure of Jony Ive in 2019, betting on the commercialization of a first version this year.

Apple glasses, the new pillar

The development of Apple’s augmented reality glasses has been one of the great unknowns in recent years. And it is even more so now. At a time when more and more companies are beginning to offer their own, there are many who wonder what those of Cupertino can offer in this field.

Many see it as the great project that Tim Cook will leave in his legacy as CEO, in terms of new product lines. The long-term commitment to augmented reality is such that within the company there are those who see it competing with the iPhone in the future.

Apple augmented reality glasses concept
Apple glasses concept. The Information.

Thus, “the pressure to launch them is enormous,” an engineer who worked on the project has assured the aforementioned outlet. That is why, although Apple’s design team would have suggested waiting until they could offer lighter onesCook and Williams have pushed to offer a first version with a design similar to ski goggles and limited production.

In fact, the firm would expect to market less than a million units. In part, because of the high price that these are expected to have: $3,000.

waiting for the big change

With the first Apple glasses that not even within the firm are fully satisfied with them, it is to be expected, it is to be expected that the reaction from the public will be lukewarm. For this reason, they are already working on the following ones.

However, those of 2023 will be used by the Californian technology company to collect usage data and so that developers, from the company and third parties, can start working on future software. Thus, the augmented reality glasses from Apple that we see in 2023 may not be the ones that the collective imagination drew years ago, but they are the first stone on the road to them.

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