Friday, September 22, 2023

Apple would face new problems in Europe due to Spotify complaints

The European Union would file new charges against Apple in the investigation that began in 2019 following a complaint by Spotify. According to Reutersthey would be announced in the coming weeks and would highlight the increased regulatory scrutiny against the Cupertino company.

The aforementioned report does not mention what would be the new accusations that Europe would raise against those of the block. It only indicates that they would be included in a “supplemental objection statement,” which is used when new evidence is available or some elements are changed to support a case.

This would add more pages to the already extensive (and conflicting) relationship between Apple and the music and podcast streaming platform. Let us remember that the first darts between the two date back to mid-2016, when Spotify accused Californians of favoring Apple Music by imposing the use of the App Store subscription system on its competitors.

The back and forth between the two companies led the Swedes to file a formal complaint with the European Commission in 2019. This led to an investigation that in 2021 launched an accusation of abuse of power against the company led by Tim Cook. For now, neither Apple nor European regulators have made public statements regarding the apparent new accusations that would be known in the coming weeks.

The dispute between Apple and Spotify would add a new chapter

Spotify |  Manzana

Spotify’s criticism of Apple for the obligation to use the subscription system of the App Store are not new, clearly. However, pressure is growing on the US company for you to start relaxing your policies around your online store. Thus, for example, those of the apple recently received their tenth fine in the Netherlands for preventing dating apps from using third-party payment methods.


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