One of the main novelties of the new iPhone is the one baptized as ‘Dynamic Island’, an alternative to the notch that houses the camera for selfies and the sensors necessary for the operation of Face ID. This is also interactive, and allows you to perform different actions, such as quickly accessing the music player or checking the timer, among other options. The so-called Dynamic Island, however, is only exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. The base models, on the other hand, maintain the notch so characteristic of the company. This, however, could change next year, with the arrival of the iPhone 15.

According to Ross YoungCEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), all iPhone 15 models could arrive with the aforementioned Dynamic Island, so from next year it would no longer be an exclusive feature for the Pro models. Young, yes, ensures that the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus would not arrive with a 120 Hz screen, and would not include LTPO technology either. Therefore, both models are not expected to support the always-on screen, another of the distinguishing features of the iPhone 14 Pro.


With the arrival of Dynamic Island in the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro MaxApple would completely eliminate the notch in its iPhone models, since the iPhone SE maintains the upper and lower frames on the screen, as well as Touch ID as an unlock method.

This is how the Dynamic Island works that could reach all iPhone 15

iPhone 14, iPhone 15

The Dynamic Island that could reach all iPhone 15s, we reiterate, is an alternative to the notch that Apple has so far included in all its high-end models. It is, in fact, a clever way to take advantage of the holes in the screen that are required for the different sensors related to the camera and Face ID. Through software, Apple adapts the area of ​​the camera and create different shortcuts to the different compatible applications. For example, when something is playing from Apple Music and we close the app, the player quickly moves to the dynamic island. Something similar happens with navigation in the Maps app or with the timer, among others.

The user also you can interact on that island to perform quick actions. These include checking the route on Apple Maps, switching to the next song, seeing how much time is left on the timer, etc. The system, on the other hand, also takes advantage of this Dynamic Island by displaying notifications on it. For example, a warning when there is 20% autonomy left or when the iPhone 14 Pro —and future iPhone 15s— is charging.