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Apple will announce its mixed reality glasses at WWDC 2023

Apple prepares to launch its mixed reality glasses during WWDC 2023, the global developer conference that will take place from June 5 to 9. It is assured by Mark Gurman, who believes that this will be one of the most important events in the company’s history. The journalist has an impeccable reputation when it comes to anticipating future products or services from the Cupertino company. In recent weeks, various rumors suggested that these had been delayed.

In its newsletter Sunday, Gurman explains that Apple’s mixed reality glasses will be the star of the keynote inaugural, although other products such as new laptops will be launched, as well as updates to operating systems such as iOS 17, iPad OS 17, macOS 14. In addition, it emphasizes that watchOS 10 will be a relevant update for the Apple Watch operating system. They will also announce xrOS, a new mixed reality operating system along with the development kit.

If introduced, the mixed reality headset will be the first major product released by Apple since 2015, when the first Apple Watch was introduced. It happened during a special event in September, where the iPhone 6 was also announced, with a new design.

The mixed reality glasses would be presented with a very specific story for developers. With a view to that, when they are launched, they are accompanied by a good number of apps and real uses. According to Gurman, many of the sessions will be focused on how the App Store works.

Apple’s mixed reality headset will have a slow start in the market

Apple’s mixed reality headset will have a slow start in the market. This is unlike other company products, which have been almost instant successes. In fact, they plan to make “barely” one million units in the first year. By comparison, Apple sold 10 million apple watch during its first year and 10 million iphone in his sophomore year, when he was taken to countries outside of the United States.

Apple’s goal is to put on the table a new paradigm of human-machine interaction. Something that we have never seen or experienced on a massive level, where graphical interfaces are no longer limited by a rectangular screen. The company hopes that augmented reality glasses will eventually replace the iPhone — and smartphones in general — as our most personal device.

There is also the economic issue. The mixed reality glasses would be priced at $3,000, according to various rumors. putting to the future wearable very far from the final consumer. Personally, I find it hard to believe that the company that best understands the consumer in technological terms would make such a move. Apple has no problem waiting and being late until it finds a way to offer devices at affordable prices for its end customers. Of being able to manufacture them on a large scale and with real utility.

Selling a new product for $3,000, with no concrete use cases, small scale, and very developer-oriented, sounds like a Google strategy, not an Apple one. Maybe what we see at WWDC 2023 is a developer kit which is not available to end customers.

MacBook Air M2 on a table

New laptops during WWDC 2023

In addition to the possible AR headset unveiling, Apple plans to show off new laptops during WWDC 2023. Last year they released the 13-inch MacBook Air M2, and apparently this year they’ll launch a model with a slightly larger screen. large 15-inch processor M2.

According to Mark Gurman, they’re also working on a cheaper 13-inch MacBook Pro, a 24-inch iMac M2, and new Mac Pros with Apple chips. All of these new models will be unveiled in 2024, but we won’t be seeing all of them at WWDC 2023.

The WWDC 2023 starts next July 5th. It will take place at the Apple Campus and will start with a keynote where all announcements of new products and new operating systems are expected to be made.

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