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Apple Watch Ultra 2, analysis: improvements in key points

If you have on your wrist a Apple Watch Ultra, which was announced and released in 2022, there is not much more to say. He ultra 2 It’s a relatively minor iteration of the device that offers little new. But if you’ve been wondering for a year when is the right time to buy this version of the company’s smartwatch, this is your sign.

He Apple Watch Ultra 2 is practically identical to Apple Watch Ultra. All the things I wrote and explained last year during my in-depth analysis of the smartwatch hold true this year. But a lot of things have changed in a year, and I’m not just talking about the improvements to the device. I explain:

He Apple Watch Ultra 2 comes with three key improvements:

  1. New S9 chip: makes it up to 30% faster and we now have Siri on the device
  2. New brighter screen, up to 3000 nits
  3. New ultra-wide band chip

In my review of the 2022 Apple Watch Ultra I focused on the device itself. Especially for those people who want to use it, but do not necessarily do extreme sports, where a more resistant Watch, with a larger screen, comes in handy. But as I mentioned before, a lot of things changed in one year, besides the device itself. And it has to do with me. A week after I started using the Ultra, I started an extremely strict training regimen, focused on strength and functional exercise, with a personal trainer in a 1:1 method that I have maintained throughout the year — and will maintain. rest of my life.

This has put me in a prime position to test the device—both the previous generation Apple Watch Ultra and the Ultra 2—in a sports or exercise environment. Because the two devices are quite similar in day-to-day use, everything I said last year is still valid, but now I will tell you more about their use in my training.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is not for those people who already have a previous generation Ultra. It is the best smartwatch for sports on the market and is especially aimed at those who have never had one of these Apple wearables or who already need to update. It’s faster, with a very bright and ultra-resistant screen.

Score: 4.5 out of 5.

Why the big screen of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is important when you train and its titanium case too

My past self, before starting training, considered that a large screen for training did not make much difference with a smaller one, like the Apple Watch Series 9 or Series 8. “What difference does it make?”, I thought. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong.

When you’re constantly on the go, the larger screen makes perfect sense. Not only to observe training information, but to interact with the interface. Especially in times when you have to press things while exercising, where every tap on the screen it is very inaccurate.

And when you train almost every day, activating the training app from the action button also makes a lot of sense. Although it is programmable for many other things, I keep it with the default settings.

To that we add a fairly robust and very light titanium case. Do you accidentally hit the watch on a dumbbell or kettlebell in the middle of training? You don’t even consider the possibility that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 has suffered. And yes, it is big, but so light that you don’t feel it on your arm, neither while exercising, nor during day to day life.

A much brighter screen

Apple Watch Ultra 2 under the Madrid sun
Apple Watch Ultra 2 under the intense Madrid sun

The brightness of the screen Apple Watch Ultra 2 It is one of the most important changes of this generation of the device. Up to 3,000 nits in bright sunlight. It is, in fact, the brightest screen of any device made by Apple.


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