Friday, September 29, 2023

Apple Vision Pros already run Windows XP, but don’t get too excited just yet

The Apple Vision Pro They seek to revolutionize the way we interact with computers and technological devices. Although the idea of ​​a spatial computer that is not bounded by a rectangle sounds incredible, many will be nostalgic for the classic. That is why the UTM developers managed to execute Windows Xp in Apple’s mixed reality headset.

According to a post on the UTM Twitter account, Windows XP already runs in the Apple Vision Pro simulator. Microsoft’s operating system runs on visionOS through a virtual machine, although it is still not 100%. The developers confirmed that the input systems are not configured yet, so it is not possible to interact with it.

The arrival of Windows XP to the Apple Vision Pro It has been possible thanks to QEMUhe open source emulator It supports multiple architectures. UTM uses a sandboxed environment that prevent malware, viruses and any vulnerabilities present in the Microsoft operating system.

At the moment there are no details about the arrival of Windows XP to the Apple Vision Pro. The developers confirmed that they will continue working to activate the interaction with keyboard and mouse, so that you can enjoy Solitaire, minesweeperInternet Explorer 6 and the great blue screens of death.

The Apple Vision Pro could emulate Windows XP, Linux and other operating systems

UTM has plenty of experience emulating Windows, Linux, and other operating systems on Apple devices. On macOS it can be downloaded from the Mac App Store and offers compatibility with the latest versions of Windows and Linux without sacrificing performance. In iOS things are different, since Apple bans virtual machine apps from the App Store.

The only way to install UTM on the iPhone or iPad is through jailbreak or doing sideloading through AltStore, although the latter is limited to beta testers Subscribed to the Patreon of the developers. If you meet the requirements, you’ll be able to access emulated versions of Windows, Linux, and other systems natively within an app.

The UTM YouTube channel has videos of Windows XP running Half Life on an iPad or Windows 7 on an iPhone 12 Pro. The application allows you to connect external keyboards, trackpads and even an Apple Pencil. In the case of Apple Vision Pro, this function is not yet active.

youtube video

If it is in your plans to pay $3,499 to emulate an operating system from two decades ago, UTM will have the version of Windows XP ready for the launch of Apple Vision Pro. If everything goes as planned, the first generation of mixed reality glasses will debut in early 2024 in the United States.

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