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Apple Vision Pro: the first impressions of its amazing 3D videos emerge

One of the main new features of the Apple Vision Pro is its ability to capture and play 3D videos. The purpose? That people can relive moments like never before. Now, on paper everything looks promising, but… Is it really as incredible as Apple makes it out to be? Well a group of lucky American journalists were already able to experience this proposaland have shared their impressions.

Before continuing, it is important to note that 3D videos, or “Spatial Videos”, They can also be captured with an iPhone 15 Pro. In fact, the iOS 17.2 beta already allows you to do this. So, the launch of this feature was the reason why Apple invited journalists to try it out.

In general terms, the participants recognize that The 3D video playback of the Apple Vision Pro is surprising. They had the opportunity to record a chef preparing sushi, and then relive it on the glasses within a virtual environment.

Scott Steni, of CNETtells us: “I’m looking at a plate of sushi floating in front of me, in 3D. The chef finishes the toppings on the yellowtail and tuna sushi, and talks to me while she works. It looks vivid. It seems real. The surprising thing is that I recorded this video myself, moments before, on an iPhone 15 Pro. And now it is a virtual reality experience that I am seeing in beautiful 3D with the Apple Vision Pro.”

The aforementioned was also able to play other videos that were captured by the Apple team. “There are families in a house, walking on the grass. Hugging. All in realistic 3D. I feel like I’m getting a glimpse into their lives, which is strange and intimate. But the vividness is undeniable

For his part, John Gruber, of Daring Fireballsaid: “Yesterday I had a hands-on experience recording space videos with an iPhone 15 Pro and watching them, along with others captured by Apple, with Vision Pro glasses. Once again, I’m impressed

Finally, Joanna Stern, of the The Wall Street Journal, also highlighted the quality of the recording. Of course, he added that the scenario set up by Apple It had excellent lightingso the experience remains to be verified when the lighting conditions are not favorable.

“In the demo, I recorded a chef holding a piece of sushi. When I saw it on the Apple Vision Pro, the sushi and chopsticks They really looked three dimensional. They were clearly in the foreground, closer to me than the rest of the images. Of course, the lighting was perfect during filming. We’ll have to see how it works in imperfect conditions.

Apple showed me other space videos. In one, a father told a story to his young children in the back of a motor home. It was so realistic and welcoming that it almost scared me. Why am I spying on this random family? Obviously, that is the great attraction of this. Spatial videos create intimacy in a way that 2D photos and videos do not

Joanna Stern.

Without a doubt, they are impressions that increase the expectation for the Apple Vision Pro. Surely these prostration sessions will be more constant, since the company’s plan is launch your device during the first months of 2023. Initially, however, only in the United States.

The 3D videos of the Apple Vision Pro will be so important that the company ordered the filming of a three-dimensional series exclusive to Apple TV+. It, by the way, will be set in the Monsterverseso let’s not rule out the possibility of seeing Godzilla and King Kong “up close” fighting other creatures.

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