Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Apple Vision Pro filters its battery life and turns on alarms

Bad news for those who had high expectations of the future Mixed Reality (MR) viewer Apple Vision Pro. The supposed battery life has just been filtered and it is somewhat disconcerting, let’s say.

Since the time of , back in June 2023, there have been moments of absolute doubt surrounding this extraordinarily expensively priced gadget.

Apple’s keynote met all the usual parameters of when the company reveals an absolutely new product that seeks to open up a space in the market.

In fact, Tim Cook and company went so far as to present the new Vision Pro as a kind of evolution and spiritual successor to the iPhone with a view to the future of the industry.

Apple Vision Pro battery alarm

There were a monumental number of omissions and sneaky moments throughout the entire Apple conference that set off alarm bells for those of us who have watched those events for too many years.

The operation of the viewer was never shown in a 100% real and tangible way, there were details of its technical specifications that were omitted and buried by other not so relevant data.

Apple Vision Pro

On top of that the product was shown several months after its mass production was finished. In fact, it goes on sale until next year.

These are always alarm signals, just look at recent examples in other sectors, such as the Cybertruck from Tesla Motors to verify that these kinds of elements are always a cause for concern.

Today we have new evidence that ends up supporting this theory: the first data on the battery life of the headset.

according to these first reportsthe battery would have the name of Magic Battery and would be intended to take over from the MagSafe Battery Pack.

But the most disturbing point is that the actual energy capacity of this accessory would only provide two hours of autonomy in each session of use.

As a benchmark, the Play Station Vita Released on December 17, 2011, more than a decade ago, this portable video game console offers a battery that lasts for 3 to 5 hours per game session.

Obviously the hardware and the demand for resources is enormously greater. But in a practical sense, for the real end purpose of the product, its uptime is ridiculously low.

Given this information, the outlook around the Apple Vision Pro looks a bit disturbing.

But all this is an unconfirmed rumor. So there is some hope.


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