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Apple Vision Pro could also detect mental illnesses

The Apple Vision Pro They will become the next great device from the Californian company. But beyond offering an experience that combines the best of a digital environment with the real world, mixed reality glasses would also be capable of fulfilling a completely different purpose: detecting mental illnesses.

According The Information, Apple Vision Pro are capable of identifying, for example, emotional states of users. As? We must remember that the device, internally, integrates multiple sensors and cameras. The latter aim to perform eye tracking, since the movement of our eyes is key to interacting with the interface.

However, Apple Vision Pro technology is so precise that it can obtain data from your eyes beyond their movement. In many cases, by analyzing a person’s simple glance it is possible to identify how they are feeling.

Thus, by identifying a pattern of negative expressions in people, Apple Vision Pro could be very useful to detect “schizophrenia, autism, depression, brain damage or even post-traumatic stress disorder,” the aforementioned media mentions.

This interesting novelty, of course, It is not intended to replace the activity of a mental health expert. —a psychiatrist, for example—. However, they can turn the Apple Vision Pro into an additional tool for professionals.

For years, Apple has dedicated efforts to ensure that some of its devices, especially the Apple Watch, offer multiple health-oriented functions. In Cupertino they consider that, although the Apple Vision Pro cannot reach the level of the smart watch in that sense, they can still contribute something positive to mental health.

Apple still discussing Vision Pro health features

The report of The Information mentions that Apple is still analyzing the possibilities of the Vision Pro in relation to health. Consequently, it is not yet possible to guarantee that they will be promoted as an effective tool for detecting mental illnesses.

“Members of Apple’s Vision Products Group, including its leader, Mike Rockwell, have spent a lot of time discussing the health possibilities of the glasses and have hired health experts to explore such features for the device.”

The Information.

Even if they received the green light from higher-ups, they would have to face a rigorous inspection process from various health agencies around the world. It is not as easy as putting a device on the market saying that, among its many functions, it offers the detection of mental illnesses. We will have to wait to see how this initiative progresses.

If no unexpected obstacles arise along the way, the Apple Vision Pro will be available during the first months of 2024. Of course, its initial launch will be limited to the United States.

In the middle of this year, Mark Gurman, journalist for Bloomberg and one of the most reliable sources on future Apple products, mentioned that, in the best case, the glasses will arrive in Europe at the end of 2024. It seems that Apple is not in a great hurry to expand availability to the entire world, so you will have to be patient…

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