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Apple TV+ aims to offer relevant content and not economic impact, says Tim Cook

AppleTV+ It has been one of Apple’s big bets in recent years, and it has given very good results. Although it is not known for sure how many users the movie and series streaming service has, those from Cupertino have become accustomed to the praise of their most acclaimed productions, which mostly have the participation of several Hollywood heavyweights.

Apple TV+ aims to offer relevant content and not economic impact, says Tim Cook

Logically, this requires the disbursement of a significant amount of money, but the Californian firm ensures that the decisions regarding the platform are not taken from a financial point of view, but based on the relevance of the content that is intended to be offered. This was mentioned by Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, during the presentation of the financial results of the first fiscal quarter of 2022.

As published, Variety asked if the “socially responsible” approach to the Apple TV+ proposals was delaying Apple’s interest in buying an established Hollywood studio, Cook was blunt:

We don’t make purely financial decisions about content on Apple TV+. We try to find great content that has a reason for being. We love shows like Ted Lasso, which have a reason to exist and can have a good message and can make people feel better in the end. But I don’t feel like we’ve narrowed down our universe of things that we’re selecting from. There’s a lot to choose from, and I think we’re doing a good job at the moment.

Tim Cook, in the process to choose new productions for the Apple TV+ catalog

Apple is proud of the impact of Apple TV+

While Apple doesn’t release metrics on Apple TV+’s performance, either in terms of subscribers or viewership of its shows, it does take pride in the impact the platform has made on the industry. Tim Cook indicated that his original productions have already received 890 nominations for the main awards in the entertainment industry, of which about 200 materialized in prizes; and all in the first two years of service at disposal.

“Each award is a tremendous credit to all the storytellers who are in front of and behind the cameras, and who have moved audiences around the world,” explained the CEO of apple firm.

But not everything has focused on Apple TV + and the brutal income achieved by the iPhone 13 and the MacBook Pro; there was also a place for the metaverse. “We are a company that is in the business of innovation. We are always exploring new and emerging technologies, and this is an area that is very exciting for us,” said Tim Cook.


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