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Apple steps on the accelerator to create all kinds of apps for its mixed reality glasses

Except for an unfortunate surprise, it is a fact that Apple will present its mixed reality glasses during the inaugural conference of WWDC 2023. But beyond presenting all the hardware features, those from Cupertino are clear that they must also detail all the news regarding to software. In this field, of course, applications will play a fundamental role.

Mark Gurman, journalist for Bloomberg and one of the most reliable sources when it comes to Apple’s next products, says that the company is clear about the focus of the Apple Reality Pro, as the glasses will supposedly be called. At least in the beginning, They will focus on attending to entertainment, physical activities and collaborative work.

To achieve this, Apple I would take advantage of the iPad applications. Because some apps on the tablet are more feature-rich than those on the iPhone, they’re ideal for porting to VR headsets.

Of course, do not expect a simple mirror of the iPad applications. Apple wants adapt them to a three-dimensional interface that fits into the overall mixed reality headset experience.

iOS applications make the leap to Apple Reality Pro

Apple will certainly bring the default iOS/iPadOS apps to the world of mixed reality. Safari, Calendar, Contacts, Files, Mail, Mine, Messages, Notes, Photos, Reminders, Music, Weather, Stocks, Apple TV, and Books will be available on the glasses.

Gurman even points out that they will offer a special version of FaceTimewhich will generate three-dimensional models of the participants in the video call to place them in a virtual room.

Regarding physical activity, those led by Tim Cook are developing a Fitness+ variant for Apple Reality Pro. It would be possible to see the instructor in the glasses while you perform a routine, for example.

Regarding the labor field, tools such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote can be used from the device. Are you a content creator? iMovie and GarageBand are not going to be left behind either.

In collaborative work, free form, the application that debuted with iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura, will also have a presence in the mixed reality glasses. It will be possible for several users to interact with the board within a virtual world.

What about the entertainment? Undoubtedly, this category could be very important in the consumer’s purchase decision. The Apple Reality Pro will pay special attention to the sports consumption. Thanks to the recent agreements with the MLS and the MLB, users will be able to enjoy soccer and baseball matches immersively through Apple TV+.

At this point it is significant to mention that, in mid-2020, Apple bought NextVR, a firm specializing in video streaming through virtual reality. No surprise, then, that the Apple Reality Pro excels at video playback. Have no doubt that streaming video services are rubbing their hands together.

Developers are key again

Tim Cook / Apple Mixed Reality Glasses

Apple can’t boost the success of its glasses without the support of developers. The iPhone and iPad succeeded, in large part, because they launched an app store. That pillar will also support Apple Reality Pro, and the company wants to take advantage of WWDC 2023 to motivate developers to create experiences for its new device.

Nevertheless, Bloomberg indicates that Apple has already been working with some developers for some time to help them adapt their applications to virtual reality or augmented reality. And for those who don’t have that opportunity, at WWDC 2023 the xrOS development tools will also be presentedthe operating system that gives life to the glasses.

Among the novelties of xrOS there is one that will attract a lot of attention, because You can show one or another app depending on the location. The aforementioned source gives as an example the use of Safari in the kitchen. If the user briefly moves to another location, but then returns, the browser will automatically reappear on the screen. It is also known that the intervention of an external command will not be necessary to interact with the interface. Everything can be done with hand and finger gestures, eye movement and voice commands through Siri.

Will it be difficult to adapt to the new development tools of xrOS? Not at all. Those who have already built iOS apps using ARKit will notice that the environment looks familiar.

The next 5th June we have an appointment to know the Apple Reality Pro. Obviously, in hypertextual we will have extensive coverage of the event.

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