Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Apple secretly redesigned the iPhone 14 to make it easier to repair

Many of us have criticized Manzana he took no chances with him iPhone 14 standard and practically introduced a new phone with the same design as the 13. Same size, same notch, same camera and the same A15 chip. The difference is that the 14 is easier to repair.

Rather, as detailed on the website of BGR in one report, it’s the most repairable iPhone in years, a secret that didn’t surface in the headlines, on the internet, or on social media.

Historically, Apple devices have been known to be difficult to repair or pose a certain complexity for technicians. That is a criticism that the Cupertino, California company took into account to make the iPhone 14 an easier terminal to fix.

According to iFixit, Apple completely redesigned the architecture of the standard iPhone 14 to make it significantly easier to remove the back glass panel and display.. This “presents a world of engineering challenges,” but Apple has been dedicated to improving repairability.

Details about the changes

The report adds some details about the changes in the architecture of the smartphone, such as the installation of the black glass of the iPhone 14, which is secured with two screws and a connector.

iPhone 14

The adhesive is also “less aggressive” than in older models and the aforementioned screws also give repairmen access to the screen, making it easier to open the device.

iFixit Analyst Kyle Wiens noted: “This design upgrade is a huge win. These changes to iPhone will help it last longer and reduce its overall impact on the planet.”

If you’re trying to decide whether to go with the 14, the Pro, or the Pro Max, from a repairability perspective, the answer is clear: it’s the 14 all the way. Let’s hope this advanced design becomes the standard across the entire iPhone 15 lineup.″ he added.


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