Friday, March 24, 2023

Apple rethinks its efforts around AI by not being able to compete with ChatGPT and OpenAI

Apple also wants to be a leader in the field of artificial intelligence and therefore compete against OpenAI and Google. as revealed Digitimes (via macrumours), the Cupertino company is planning “reexamine” the development of new artificial intelligence models to deal with ChatGPT and avoid, above all, that Microsoft manages to dominate this market with the integration of the mentioned tool in Bing.

Apple, let’s remember, has an annual conference exclusively for employees where they discuss issues related to artificial intelligence, and this year’s has already been held. While the company was expected to talk about ChatGPT, macrumours states that during the event the company only focused on sharing solutions related to healthcare, privacy and machine vision. The latter consists of capturing images of the real world to later process them in a computer so that it is capable of interpreting them.

Now, however, Apple would be working on the development of next-generation CPUs designed to perform AI operations, and thus be able to create software powered by artificial intelligence. The company, let’s remember, has extensive experience in this area; many of its processors use the Neural Engine, a neural engine capable of executing different machine learning tasks in a faster, more precise and efficient way than by using the GPU and CPU.

It is not clear, yes, if we will see products similar to ChatGPT or Bard or if, instead, Apple will take advantage of AI to improve some of its services, such as Siri. Let’s remember that the Cupertino firm is also working on its own search engine to compete against Google. Therefore, it would not be strange to see a future launch of this search engine powered by artificial intelligence.

Apple follows in the footsteps of Google and puts the batteries in terms of the development of AI products


Interestingly, the strategy that Apple is carrying out is very similar to what Google did a few months ago, after verifying that ChatGPT could replace your browser. The Mountain View company, specifically, decided to restructure all its teams dedicated to the development of AI models to advance in the creation of an alternative to the OpenAI chatbot. Weeks later, they announced Bard, a tool capable of offering personalized answers to any question.

Unlike Apple, Microsoft Search AI continues to reign supreme with the integration of ChatGPT into Bing. This new service is still in beta phase. Also, it is somewhat restricted, as the chatbot tends to lose its mind when it receives a lot of questions, although there is a way around these limitations.

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