Thursday, September 21, 2023

Apple prepares two desktop Macs with M2 Max and M2 Ultra, but it is not the Mac Pro: what can it be?

Although virtual and augmented reality glasses will be the main protagonists of WWDC 2023, Apple also plans to announce “various” Macs at its developer conference, as revealed by Mark Gurman, of Bloomberg, just a few hours ago. Now the journalist has offered more details about the models that we could see announced next Monday, noting that, at least, there will be two computers with M2 ultra and M2 Max chips.

Gurman, in particular, claims that Apple is testing two Macs named internally as “Mac 14.13” and “Mac 14.14”. One of them has an M2 Max chip with a high-performance eight-core CPU and efficient four-core CPU, as well as a 30-core GPU and 96GB of RAM. The second device, on the other hand, has an M2 Ultra chip with a 24-core CPU. Also with a 60-core GPU with different RAM configurations: 64, 128 or 192 GB.

The journalist, yes, does not reveal exactly the models that Apple will renew with the M2 Ultra and M2 Max chips. However, it is most likely two desktop computerssince the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro already have these processors.

Will we see a new Mac Pro and a new Mac Studio at WWDC?

One of the models that Apple could announce during WWDC 2023 is the MacStudio. This device debuted last year with an M1 Max chip, so it makes sense for Apple to update it with its new processors. Some rumors, however, claim that the company does not plan to update this model because its specifications could be very similar to the Mac Pro.

The Mac Pro, in fact, could be another of the teams that Apple announces during WWDC in 2023. The aforementioned source, however, ensures that this computer is named internally as “Mac 14.8”. Therefore, the models that Gurman highlights could be completely different ones. According to previous rumors, Apple has also been working on a more powerful iMac Pro than current models, but sadly, there are no further details on that.

In addition to these teams, the company could also announce during WWDC a new MacBook Air with 15-inch screen. This equipment would include an M2 or M2 Pro chip and would come with a design similar to the model with M2, including a notch on the screen and flatter frames.

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