Thursday, March 30, 2023

Apple prepares the jump to 3 nanometers with new iMac M3, Mac Pro and MacBook Air, which will arrive very soon

2023 will be an important year for Apple computers. The Cupertino firm is preparing to renew a large part of its catalogue, with new iMac, Mac Pro and MacBook Air. And, perhaps even more relevant, with the jump to 3 nanometers in its next M3 chip.

This is revealed by Mark Gurman in Bloomberg this Sunday, noting that several of these machines will arrive between spring and summer.

The expected renewal of the iMac

Red 2021 iMac M1 on a table
iMac M1.

With the iMac M1 having been released in April 2021, The renewal of this computer is one that many have been waiting for for a long time. Something that is accentuated if we take into account that several of the laptops already have different updates to that chip, and that others have directly made the leap to the M2 generation.

The colorful desktop machine is also the only all-in-one that the technology company sells, after discontinuing the 27-inch iMac. Fortunately, the aforementioned journalist assures that the new iMac is in “an advanced state of development.” He is aiming for a release before the end of the year, but after the summer.

The great novelty of this iMac, which will retain its 24″ size, will be its M3 chip. The third generation of proprietary Apple processors will mean a significant increase in the efficiency of this device, going for the first time to 3 nanometers. And, yes, everything indicates that it will maintain the same color palette that we currently find.

The Mac Pro and the new MacBook Air rear their heads

In addition to the new iMac M3, this is expected to be the year in which Cupertino unveils its first Mac Pro with a proprietary chip. The computer for the professional segment, released in 2019, currently uses Intel Xeon W chips. It is known, however, that making the transition effective and abandoning the use of competitive chips has been one of the company’s objectives in recent years.

Mac Pro on a tableMac Pro on a table
Mac Pro on the day of its presentation.

Now, everything seems that this will be a reality before the summer, incorporating the M2 Ultra chip inside. This would endow the new Mac Pro with a 24-core CPU, a 76-core GPU, and 129 GB of unified memory.

At the same time, in this period the new MacBook Air. On the one hand, Apple would be planning to update the current model with the new M3 chip, raising the efficiency and power of its lightest computer. On the other hand, a 15-inch MacBook Air is expected to be finally presented, the first of this size.

MacBook Air M2 on a tableMacBook Air M2 on a table
MacBook Air M2.

So much the new MacBook Air M3 like the Mac Pro M2 Ultra could be officially revealed during WWDC 2023the developer conference that Apple will hold in June.

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