Friday, September 22, 2023

Apple plans to release a 32-inch iMac, but don’t get your hopes up too much

The iMac was one of the first Apple computers to make the long-awaited leap into Apple Silicon, and it’s crying out for a makeover. It has been rumored for a long time about a possible update and that there could be surprises regarding the size of its screen. Specifically, that in the future we see a 32-inch iMac.

This is indicated by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. The renowned journalist took up the idea of ​​a large-screen iMac in his most recent newsletter Sunday. A few weeks ago he had stated that Apple was working on a model “more than 30 inches”, but without revealing more details about it.

Now, the expert mentions that Apple is experimenting with larger versions of the iMac, among which is the aforementioned 32-inch. However, the information continues to be limited and released little by little. To such an extent that it is unknown if those from Cupertino want that size to be the maximum available, or if they would bet on something even more ostentatious.

The other crucial point in this story goes through the supposed presentation date. Although this year we would have a new iMac, it would not be the 32-inch one. Any model with a large screen would still be more than a year awaysays the journalist from Bloomberg.

To be more precise, Gurman says that, being an early development, the iMac(s) larger than 30 inches would arrive just at the end of 2024or even at the beginning of 2025. If confirmed, the public will have to continue to be patient.

The case of the iMac is a rather strange one within the Apple universe. This team was one of the first to make the leap to Apple Silicon, with the 24-inch variant and M1 chip that was presented in 2021. However, since its launch, Apple seems to have forgotten about its existence.

It is expected that this year the iMac will finally have its long-awaited renewal with the jump to the M3 chip, but keeping its 24-inch screen. Which leads us to wonder why it’s not until late 2024, at the earliest, that we might see the 32-inch iMac. Of course, we still don’t have an answer.

Will Apple be preparing something special for the big screen version? Will the model of more than 30 ” mark the return of the iMac Pro? Rumors about the latter have been circulating at least since 2021. However, until now they have never materialized.

With the recent release of the Mac Pro M2, the transition to Apple Silicon was complete. And while it took a bit longer than they originally planned, Tim Cook’s men achieved a formidable leap thanks to the design and development of their own chips. However, it’s impossible not to feel that some teams haven’t received the attention they deserve. It happened at the time with the Mac Mini and it’s happening now with the iMac.

We’ll see what happens. If you’re excited to see an iMac larger than 30 inches, there are two possible readings. The positive: that Apple seems to be moving forward in earnest with the project. The negative: that the company would not be ashamed to continue testing your patience.

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