Saturday, September 30, 2023

Apple Music mocks Spotify and Joe Rogan showing its support for Neil Young

Spotify finds itself in the eye of the storm after choosing Joe Rogan over Neil Young. Of course, Apple was quick to take advantage of the situation to position its service, Apple Music, in the headlines, and they’ve done very well. It seems that those from Cupertino have a good sense of humor, and have created a section on Apple Music exclusive to Neil Young. Of course, they have titled it “We Love Neil“(We love Neil), and you can go see it now.

Apple has started sending notifications to users, urging them to listen to “Neil Young on Spatial Audio“. They have also started promoting their new section “We Love Neil on his official account Twitter; In addition, they take the opportunity to announce that we can “listen to their entire catalog [Neil Young] on Apple Music.”

If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know that much of Neil Young’s catalog is no longer on Spotify. The artist showed the discontent generated by sharing a platform with someone who “is spreading false information about vaccines“; In this way, Neil put Spotify at a crossroads by ending his statement with a blunt “they can have Rogan or Young. not both“.

Apple Music becomes Neil Young’s home

Of course, the Apple Music tweet has generated a significant impact within the Twitter community. Many users have proven their unhappy with Spotify’s decision, and rightly so; the most popular streaming service in the world has declared with this decision that prioritizes economic benefit above the quality of information on its platform.

Now, Apple Music claims to have become “Neil Young’s home“. This message from Apple was published just hours after Spotify’s decision was announced; in this way, the Cupertino service seeks to attract all fans of the artist who can no longer access their music.

The tweet has gone viral in a short time, racking up nearly 30,000 Likes and 5,500 RTs in just a few hours. Users have shown their support for the service in responses; some of them posting screenshots deleting Spotify from your mobile device.

The truth is that, without going into details regarding the controversy, this represents a major blow to Spotify. Apple Music could take quite a lot of advantage of the situation if it continues to spread; further, the decision made by Spotify leaves a stinking trail behind the company’s name.


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