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Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: What is the best map app?

Remember when Apple decided to turn its back on google maps to create their own exclusive mapping platform for the iPhone and iPad that would revolutionize the market? As those of us lucky enough to see the disaster remember, Apple Maps didn’t start off in the best possible way.

At its launch, the application stood out for being something like an infinite cluster that even became the cause of accidents that were as unnecessary as they were unintentionally funny among those users who early adopted this platform.

Satellite photos of iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty looked grotesquely misshapen, the amount of information provided on the maps was meager, and even misplaced cities led to many people getting lost or driving their cars into the bottom of a lake. .

Those were crazy times but now the platform has been polished enough to improve. So it is the ideal time to make a comparison in different areas.

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: Which is better?

  • Interface: Apple here has the advantage. Initially their map platform was an absolute abomination. So it is even more impressive how they managed to move forward and make the leap to the neat and clean app that it is now. Winner: Apple.
  • Availability: Here Google Maps has a clear advantage. Its access is open to any mobile device or even from any browser using the Google search engine. Winner: Google.
google maps
  • Route navigation: Both are very similar but the great difference is in the fine detail. Google Maps tends to be more accurate about ETAs. In addition to allowing you to schedule stops along the way from before starting the trip. Its alternate routes are more functional. So here the winner is obvious: Google.
  • Map layout: Apple maintains its minimalist style here that becomes more robust and detailed when zooming. In addition to integrating signage details that simply do not exist in Google. Winner: Apple.
  • Traffic: Both platforms notify in real time about the evolution of traffic and traffic jams on our route. But Apple’s platform just isn’t as robust in its range of configurations and options. In addition, traffic information tends to be more accurate in Maps. Winner: Google.
  • Use of public transport: there is a division here between the practical and the aesthetic. Apple’s interface is much cleaner and friendlier, but Google’s has tons of information, details, and variables to better plan our trip. Winner: Google.
  • streetview: here the comparison is mere procedure. Streetview is 15 years in the making, while its Apple equivalent, “Look Around,” is just three years old. The real difference between the depth and integration of both functions is abysmal. Although on the surface they may look almost the same. Winner: Google.

Apple Maps stands out in sections such as privacy. But in the end, although preference is a matter of taste, Google Maps has a more robust platform.

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