Friday, September 22, 2023

Apple manages to boost iPhone sales and its quarterly revenue is already a historical record

Apple today revealed the quarterly results corresponding to the last financial quarter. These correspond to the months of January to March, inclusive, and are framed as the results of Q2 2023 of the technology.

It is not usually a period marked by a special bonanza, because it leaves behind the Christmas period and the landing of the new iPhone. Thus, the Apple Q2 2023 results do not get out of line, without very notable fanfare. The dissonant note: the iPhone division, which achieves its maximum revenue in a second quarter.

It was already like that, in fact, in the last quarter, where Apple failed to break revenue records for the first time in two years. They pointed out then that production levels were already where they wantedanticipating an improvement in future quarters.

Tim Cook in Apple Park.

Apple results Q2 2023: surprises, the fair ones

The technology company led by Tim Cook closed the quarter with some revenue of $94.8 billion. It represents a slight decrease compared to the $97,300 of the previous year. They are distributed as follows, by product category:

  • iphone: 51.334 million dollars.
  • Mac: 7,168 million dollars.
  • iPad: 6.670 million dollars.
  • wearables: 8,757 million dollars.
  • Services: 20,907 million dollars.

“We are pleased to report an all-time record in Services and a quarterly record for the month of March for iPhone, despite the challenging macroeconomic environment, and our installed base of active devices reaching an all-time high,” Cook said.

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