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Apple is “well prepared” to introduce its mixed reality headsets at WWDC 2023, says Kuo

As we approach June, the anticipation for the WWDC 2023. This year, all eyes are on the event because Apple is expected to reveal its mixed reality glasses. And although there have been some conflicting reports in this regard in recent times, everything indicates that we will indeed see the long-awaited device, which could bear the name of Reality Pro.

In fact, Ming-Chi Kuo assured in the last hours that the Cupertino firm is “well prepared” to announce the new gadget in the keynote inaugural event for developers. This is no less a fact, considering that it had been the analyst himself who in recent months had questioned whether the headset see the light next month.

in a post on his blog, Kuo indicated that it is “highly likely” that Apple will present its mixed reality glasses at WWDC 2023. In addition, he said that if the announcement turns out better than expected, the device will become “the most important new investment trend” in the consumer electronics sector.

In this way, the expert has changed his mind regarding the presentation of the virtual reality and augmented reality helmet. Consider that at the end of March, a day after the WWDC 2023 dates were confirmed, Kuo posted that he didn’t think Apple would introduce its mixed reality headset at the event.

According to their sources, the apple companies had decided to postpone the start of their mass production until the middle or end of the third quarter. This because they were not optimistic that the device was capable of generating an “iPhone moment”; that is, an experience that feels revolutionary. However, the story seems to have changed in recent weeks.

Everyone is waiting for Apple’s mixed reality glasses at WWDC 2023

Tim Cook in Apple Park.

It is clear that, along with the Apple Car, mixed reality glasses are the apple product that has generated the most comments in recent years. Although it is true that its development has been plagued with setbacks, all the rumors now point to its appearance on stage at the event to be held in Apple Park. next June 5.

About the device itself, it is speculated that it will incorporate micro-OLED screens with 4K resolution, two M2 chips with processing capacity similar to that of a Mac, eye and gesture tracking using more than 12 cameras and sensors, and an external battery. .

As for the software, I would use an operating system called xrOS which would have a graphical interface similar to that of iOS. It is rumored that Apple’s mixed reality glasses will include a main screen with icons and widgets that can be arranged to suit each user. The default apps would initially be Safari, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Podcasts, FaceTime, etc., although those from Cupertino would work on adapt iPad apps to offer them as optimized versions for the headset.

Limited availability expected

The price of Apple’s mixed reality glasses would be far from affordable. There is talk that they would be sold for about $3,000, so in principle the company would not promote it as a device for general use. Kuo himself assured in March that the projection for shipments for this year was barely 200,000 to 300,000 units.

Thus, the first version would focus on developers, professionals and content creators. The intention would be to optimize it in order to offer it massively from its second generation.

Undoubtedly, there is a huge expectation to see what this device can offer. Although this does not mean that all problems are solved. Inside Apple, in fact, mixed reality glasses would not convince employees. But the company would have opted for move forward with your release anyway.

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