Thursday, June 8, 2023

Apple: iOS 16 is full of bugs and iPhone users are fed up

Manzana will reveal iOS 17 this year, but in the meantime iPhone users should continue using iOS 16, which, although it should already be a stable version due to the patches it boasts, many continue to complain about the number of bugs that they can still find in the latest version of the operating system.

As YouTuber Luke Milani points out: It’s not just you: iOS is getting worse. According to a report from BGRAfter that big iOS 12 update, in which Apple improved the performance of existing devices and focused on fixing bugs, the company started adding half-assed features without addressing existing bugs.

It took Apple almost six months to fix a problem with the notification system in macOS Ventura, which worked fine in macOS Monterey. With iOS 16, on the other hand, the Cupertino company has sat on old bugs while allowing more to accumulate.

All bugs are being revealed on Twitter

You can search the term “iOS 16 bugs” on Twitter to find the weirdest things happening on iPhones, but Luke Miani shared some of the most common issues, like:

  • Sometimes the iPhone 14 Pro screen turns completely black and you are unable to unlock the device. You can hear the phone vibrate, but you can’t use it.
  • The Photos tab in iMessage is not responding.
  • Users can’t accept a FaceTime call or can’t use their iPhone if the call was made while the iPhone was locked.

iPhone owners also complain that Dynamic Island appears in places where it shouldn’t appear and various lock screen bugs: glitchy photos, unresponsive widgets, and music player too small or too big.

While it looks like iOS 17 won’t have many major new features, perhaps Apple could finally take some time to address existing issues before releasing more features so users can have a better experience with their iPhones.


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