Thursday, June 1, 2023

Apple focuses on MicroLED technology to make its own displays and thus reduce its dependence on Samsung and LG

Manzana delves into the manufacture of its own screens, with the aim of reducing its dependence on suppliers such as Samsung and LG and thus become a giant in this segment of the industry.

According to a report from applespherethe Cupertino company has invested $1 billion over a decade to develop its MicroLED display production capacity.

In addition, according to Nikkei Asia reports, Apple will initially collaborate with LG and TSMC, among other partners, at its research and development complex in Taiwan.

Traditionally, Apple has relied on third-party manufacturers for the production of screens for its devices, which has led to logistical difficulties in the past. The movement towards the production of own screens will allow the company to have greater control over the development of future products.

The key is in the MicroLED technology

MicroLED technology is expensive and presents challenges in its manufacturing process. Therefore, Apple is expected to start with smaller screens, like those used in the Apple Watchto later expand to iPhones, iPads and finally to Macs.

apple watch

In technical terms, both OLED and MicroLED screens offer the advantage that each pixel can emit light individually, allowing for good color contrast and deeper blacks. Unlike the organic pixels on OLED displays, however, MicroLED pixels can withstand more stress and deliver a brighter glow.

Also, at a professional level, MicroLED panels can be sold in a modular way, allowing users to adjust the size of the screen according to their needs. It is expected that in the coming years we will see MicroLED TVs more aimed at the home market, as this technology becomes more popular.

It is estimated that The first Apple Watch with MicroLED screens will arrive in 2025, marking the first step of the transition. But it will take more time for the rest of Apple devices to adopt this technology.


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