Thursday, June 8, 2023

Apple earns US$54,158 million between October and March, 9.19% less

The tech giant Manzana announced this Thursday net profits between October and March $54,158 million, 9.19% less than in the same period of the previous year.

In its first semester of 2023 (Apple’s fiscal year begins in October), the Cupertino (California, USA) company entered US$211,990 million, below the US$221,223 invoiced in the same six months of the previous year.

For their part, the investors of the bitten apple company pocketed during this period $3.42 per title, compared to US$3.65 a year ago.

By business segments, the telephone iphone represents, with US$117,109 million in revenues, more than half of the company’s total billing.

Behind the iPhone, although at a great distance, are the servicesone of the company’s biggest commitments in recent years, in which it has launched a multitude of subscription platforms in sectors as diverse as the television entertainmentvideo games, the press, physical exercise and music.

Between October and March, Apple entered US$41,673 million for these subscription services, followed by technology for clothing and the home with US$22.239 million.

On the other hand, computers Mac (Apple’s original product) brought in $14.903 million, down from $21.287 million for the same period in 2022.

The positive note, however, was put by the ipad tabletswhose sales rose year-on-year and went from contributing US$14,894 million to the company’s accounts to US$16,066 million.

The results presented by Apple convinced investors in Wall Street and the shares of the company rose 1.31% to US$167.96 per title in electronic operations after the closing of the New York parquet.


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