Saturday, April 1, 2023

Apple delays the launch of its augmented reality glasses

Apple’s plans to announce a mixed reality headset (with virtual reality and augmented reality functions) seem to be advancing well ahead of a possible official presentation later this year. There is, however, one highly anticipated device that could debut a bit later than usual. Mark Gurman, via Bloomberg, claims that the company he would have postponed his first augmented reality glasses “indefinitely” because of “technical challenges” in product development. In exchange, it prepares the future launch of cheaper Apple Glass compared to what we will most likely see at WWDC.

The augmented reality glasses, to which he refers Bloomberg and that Apple would have delayed, they are very different from the mixed reality viewer that the Cupertino company could announce during the second half of this 2023. These AR glasses, in fact, they were scheduled to be announced during 2024 or 2025 as a follow-up to reality glasses virtual and augmented realitya, and they would also arrive with a lighter design, since the company’s goal is for the user to be able to wear them practically all day.

Gurman, yes, has not detailed what “technical challenges” Apple faces in terms of the development of its AR lenses. He claims, however, that many company employees They don’t think this device will ever be officially announced.

Apple works on cheaper mixed reality glasses

Apple Glass, AR/VR Glasses

The delay of these glasses, we reiterate, has made the company decide to announce an affordable version of the mixed reality headset earlier that we could see this year.

Curiously, it’s not the first time we’ve heard of this device, whose price will be slightly lower than the Apple Glass that could debut this year, and which would cost around $3,000. Mark Gurman, however, has offered some details that until now we were unaware of this scope. Among them, that it would arrive during 2024 or 2025.

Its price, specifically, would be similar to that of an iPhone model than that of a Mac. Therefore, they probably won’t cost more than $1,500. The cheap mixed reality glasses, yes, would arrive with slightly lower benefits than the Apple Glass that we will see this year, although they will have the same purpose and, therefore, the same functions. Components are expected to be on par with an iPhone, however, while rumors suggest that the high-end mixed reality headset will arrive with Mac-like chips. Cheap Apple Glass could also include lower resolution screens.


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