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Apple could cut ties with Sony and not use its screens in future versions of the Vision Pro

He Apple Vision Pro It has not yet reached the market, but those of Cupertino are already working on the next generations that are just as capable but increasingly cheaper and less bulky. However, that does not mean that there are no complications. As reported The Informationcalifornians could cut ties with Sony as a supplier of the screens of its “space computer”.

Apple would be analyzing to stop using the micro-OLED screens developed by the Japanese company and replace them with those produced by Chinese companies. In fact, BOE and SeeYa Technology they would be aspiring to fill the hypothetical “gap” that could remain in the supply chain. As long as the break in the link between Sony and those led by Tim Cook is confirmed, of course.

Now, why would Apple stop using Sony screens in future generations of the Vision Pro? The aforementioned report indicates that the primary reason for disagreement between the parties would be the reluctance of the Japanese to expand their manufacturing capacity of the screens for the mixed reality helmet. This would be due to the demands of those from Cupertino in order to speed up the series production of their new device.

Although no further details are provided in this regard, it is logical to think that producing more micro-OLED screens in less time requires a multi-million dollar investment by Sony. And the Asians may not be convinced that the economic effort will recover in a timeframe they consider appropriate.

Or maybe it’s an ego fight. TOpple makes component providers feel the rigor for their devices, and the Vision Pro should not be the exception. On the contrary, it is the riskiest bet on the part of Cupertino since the launch of the iPhone. It would not be strange, then, that Sony, a corporation with so much history, wants to limit how far it is willing to go to meet the requirements of those on the block.

The screens of future Apple Vision Pro could arrive from China

The BOE and SeeYa as potential providers of micro-OLED screens for future Apple Vision Pro would be more than a simple expression of desire. Both Chinese companies would already be working with those of Cupertino. In fact, Apple wouldn’t just be testing its components for a future version of the main device. It would also be doing it in a cheaper variant of the helmet, focused on mixed reality.

If the break with Sony as a provider of screens for the next generations of the Vision Pro is confirmed, the aforementioned Chinese manufacturers will not have a free path. Apple applies a very rigorous selection process to each firm that supplies it with components, and maintains tight control over processes, costs and delivery dates. A methodology that Tim Cook established as head of operations under the mandate of Steve Jobs, and that was later deepened by Tony Blevins as the company’s vice president of acquisitions.

However, leaning towards more Chinese companies to develop the Vision Pro could also bring political complications for Apple. The tension between the United States and the Asian giant is making itself felt in the technology sector. Those from Cupertino have already been under the scrutiny of the North American political sectors due to their deep relationship with China to produce their devices. Let’s not forget that some congressmen warned that the company was “playing with fire” by using components from that country.

It is true that the Apples are making great efforts to expand the production of the iPhone and other products in India and Vietnam. However, the work is not easy. And while the Apple Vision Pro is just taking its first steps, depends almost exclusively on China. In fact, regardless of who provides the components, it is Luxshare Precision, a Chinese company, the only one in charge of their assembly.

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