Thursday, March 30, 2023

Apple and Samsung are “the most unhappy marriage in technology”, reveals report

The trade relations between Apple and Samsung have been considered as “the most unhappy marriage in technology”allies for the screens of the South Korean company and rivals in the smartphone industry.

Was The Information the outlet that recently published a report on the complicated relationship of the tech giants, which they have gone from cooperating to facing each other in court on many occasions.

However, and as a report published on the website of Sam MobileDespite periodic disputes, Apple continues to rely on Samsung for many of the displays used in its products.

Samsung takes the competition seriously

Samsung and Apple have long been adversaries in the highly competitive flagship smartphone industry. According to several former employees of the Cupertino company, it seems that those in South Korea take this competition particularly seriouslyeven to the point of barring iPhone maker engineers from its manufacturing facilities.

Samsung Galaxy S23 vs Apple iPhone 14

In 2017, a team of Apple engineers flew from the United States to Korea to meet with the team from Samsung’s display division. The meeting, however, did not go as planned.

In an attempt to protect its OLED display technology, Samsung did not welcome Apple engineers to its facilities or its office buildings. Apple employees were asked to return to their hotel rooms to communicate with their Asian company counterparts remotelyaccording to a former Apple staffer.

As if that weren’t enough, Apple discovered some minor flaws in the iPad Mini’s LCD screens, but Samsung refused to fix them, so the bitten apples had to go ahead and implement such panels. These and other reasons have prompted Cupertino to work on its own screens, but there is still a long way to go before that becomes a reality..


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