Sunday, May 28, 2023

Apple and its Mixed Reality viewer would be focused on video games, exercise and collaborative work

There are fewer and fewer days left for the viewer of Mixed Reality popularly known as apple glass be presented to the public in a scenario of extreme complexity, where initiatives such as Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse do not seem to be going through their best moment.

Apple’s history with its Mixed Reality device is In theory, they have been working on its development for many years, since the days of Google Glass. Hence the name by which it is popularly known.

But for some reason or another, the guys from Cupertino never launched this set on the market, which would have started as a Virtual Reality (VR) project, to later evolve into Augmented Reality (AR) and finally reach its supposed current state with a Reality approach. Mixed (MR).

Since the strong rumor began to circulate that they would finally go on the market, but some unforeseen circumstances would have arisen that would have delayed their launch for more than a year. But now we would finally be close to its official presentation.

And just at this moment, one of the most reliable informants in the industry has ended up launching a report where everything points to the fact that the Cupertino boys are serious about this project.

Apple’s Mixed Reality viewer would point everywhere

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg By now, he has positioned himself as the informant with the most reliable track record when it comes to reviewing Apple-related reports, rumors, and leaks.

Broadly speaking, if Gurman ends up publishing something unconfirmed about the Cupertino boys, it is most likely that over time it will be verified as true.

And now, in theory, according to his most recent report, Apple would be preparing an “arsenal of applications” to accompany the launch of the Mixed Reality viewer whose final name we still do not know. Although there is talk of the tentative nickname of “Realty Pro” and it is estimated that its price could be around US$3,000.

It is a fairly high cost and under such logic they would be looking for all possible ways to make the investment in this viewfinder attractive. So in its presentation Apple would focus its use on collaborative work, virtual training sessions, video games and more.

Gaming, fitness and collaboration tools along with adapted versions of a bunch of apps originally developed for the iPad would make up the launch catalogue.

A Mixed Reality interface with 3D graphics would be implemented to still hang from there to integrate essential iOS apps such as Safari, Calendar, Contacts, Files, Home Control, Mail, Maps, Messaging, Notes, Photos, Reminders, Music and Weather.

The ambition is that in a decade this device can be the replacement for the iPhone. And if all of this sounds familiar to you, it’s because there’s an episode of Community that makes a little fun of this type of scenario:


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