Sunday, June 4, 2023

Apple and Google join forces to end spying with AirTags and the like

Manzana has announced a new collaboration with Google to create a technology to include in their respective operating systems features that prevent unwanted tracking through tracking accessories; one of the biggest problems with AirTags and similar devices.

The company, in particular, is working with Google on a kind of “draft spec” that aims to make some of the security features that Apple has designed for its AirTags, are available on both iOS and Android. Fortunately, third-party manufacturers who also market similar devices, such as Samsung, Tile, Eufy, Chipolo or Pebblebeehave shown their support for this technology.

This set of functions will serve to prevent individuals from placing tracking devices on people for the purpose of spying on themand that those who are being spied on receive alerts to know that someone knows their location because of the object.

Apple could take its function that prevents tracking through an AirTag, to other manufacturers

In a statement, Apple mentions that this new “industry specification” is based on a feature that prevents unwanted tracking and works under the Find My network.

This is able to detect if a person has been with an AirTag that is not theirs for a long time thanks to the ability for the iPhone to detect nearby tracking devices. If the smartphone finds that the AirTag moves next to the iPhone for a long period of time and the owner is not around, it notifies the user through a notification to allow the location to be disabled.

“We built AirTag and Find My Network with a suite of proactive features to discourage unwanted tracking, an industry first, and we continue to make improvements to help ensure the technology is used as intended. This new industry specification builds on AirTag protections and, through collaboration with Google, results in a critical step to help combat unwanted tracking on iOS and Android.”

Ron Huang, Apple’s vice president of sensing and connectivity.

Other manufacturers and defense and security groups have also participated.

Apple has also confirmed that the feature to prevent misuse of tracking devices is designed with the help of feedback from manufacturers who have worked on features similar to Find My Network, as well as with the help of different defense and security groups.

The company has made the draft specification public so any manufacturer can provide feedback over the next three months. Apple Releases Product Implementation for Unwanted Tracking Alerts is Expected to Come to Both iOS and Android at the end of 2023 and that it is compatible with future versions of iOS and Android.

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