Thursday, March 23, 2023

Apple and Amazon report a drop of more than US$7.2 billion in profits

Santo Domingo.- Two of the top five US companies with the largest market capitalizations reported a drop in earnings, which together stand at US$7.222 billion when compared year-on-year. Meanwhile, the drop of US$2,152 million registered by the vehicle manufacturer Ford brings that amount to US$9,374 million at the end of 2022.

The technology company Apple ended with 13% less last year, because net benefits closed at US$29.998 million, that is, around US$4.600 million below the amount reported in 2021, which was US$34.600 million.

Apple’s total income was US$117,154 million at the end of its fiscal year (December 25, 2022), 5.4% less than in 2021, which registered some US$123,900 million, for a difference of US$6,700 million. The company posted the lowest profit this year, according to the data.

Amazon registered results with downward benefits, going from about US$33,364 million to US$30,642 million during the indicated period, which indicates a year-on-year reduction of close to 8% (US$2,722 million). The losses of the “giant” of electronic commerce were due to the fall in the Rivian stock market, a segment of the company in electric vehicles, where it has a significant participation.

“A charge of US$12.700 million was recorded, which has helped to settle the first unprofitable year for the company since 2014,” they said.

Amazon’s annual net billing in its main area, which is derived from sales of products and services, increased by 9%, equivalent to US$513.983 million, since in 2021 it registered some US$470.900 million.

vehicle manufacturer

In another productive segment, Ford registered US$2,152 million less in profits with US$15,758 million in benefits in 2022, which indicates 12% below what was registered in 2021, which was US$17,910 million.

Total revenue was reported at more than US$158 billion, thanks to growth in car sales, which stood at 4.2 million vehicle units (7% more than in 2021).


At the end of January 2023, the United States registers 3,555 companies that capitalize on the stock market, whose accumulated value amounts to US$43.948 billion according to CompaniesMarketCap, an entity related to the stock market of that country.

The company founded by Steve Jobs, Apple, leads the “top 5”, with a total of US$2.446 trillion, which represents 6% of the total. Meanwhile, Amazon occupies the fourth position with US$1,054 billion, which is equivalent to 2.4%.

Microsoft is the one that occupies the second place with the highest capitalization, which amounts to US$1,923 billion (4.3%) and Alphabet follows it in the third step, reporting US$1,354 billion, that is, 3%.

This indicates that, of the five companies with the most capitalization in the United States, four belong to the technology market and one, Berkshire Hathaway, is related to the world of insurance, led “nothing more and nothing less” by Warren Buffett. This company has around US$680.6 billion, which is equivalent to 1.5% of the total. Meanwhile, Ford is occupying position 146 with amounts of US$53.1 billion, which represent 0.1%.


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