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Anupamaa Shocking Twist: Vanraj, the father of three young children, will again become a father, a special track will be seen in Anupamaa

Every week something big and interesting is seen in the TV serial Anupama. This is the reason why many viewers watch and like the show. Anupama’s life of ups and downs and the antics of the people around her always entertain the audience. Now another big and everyone-shaking twist is about to come in the show. Kavya is going to give good news to the family members.

Kavya is going to be a mother

In the latest episode of the show, Anupama punishes Manan for misbehaving with Dimpy. Everyone cheers Anu’s courage. Now in the coming episode, Kavya is going to give very good news to the members of the house. It is revealed from the video that Paritosh is about to get a job. Now the relationship between him and Kinjal will improve. On the other hand, Kavya will announce that she is going to be a mother. Everyone will jump with joy after hearing this news.

Kavya will become emotional while telling this good news, because she had lost all hopes of becoming a mother. Anupama will congratulate and pray for Kavya. On the other hand, Vanraj will be seen shying away from becoming a father in his middle age. By the way, we have seen many great twists in Anupama before. Fans liked Anu’s own marriage in middle age. In such a situation, the talk of Kavya becoming a mother is also a big deal for the characters of the show as well as for the fans.

Problems going on in Pakhi’s life

Talking about Anupama’s daughter Pakhi, she is facing difficulties in her married life. Pakhi has lived a luxurious life. For this her husband gets irritated with her more and also narrates things to her. Soon the entry of Adhik’s brother is going to happen in the show. Pakhi will be attracted towards him and will think about her happiness. In such a situation, mother Anupama will stop her from making a mistake.

More himself is also making a mess in his life. He will make mistakes in Anuj’s business due to which he will have to face financial problems. On the other hand, he will body shame Pakhi on seeing her not doing household chores. After this, Anupama will be seen explaining to the daughter.

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