Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Antony, Manchester United figure, is denounced for violence and mistreatment

A scandal has broken out around the attacker of the Red Devils, Antony who was recently denounced by his ex-partner, Gabriela Cavallini. The reasons for his accusation before the authorities of Sao Paulo They were for domestic violence. The influencer denounced four attacks that occurred during the time in which both were in a relationship.

Said complaint was raised last Monday and is already known to the soccer player and the team belonging to the Premier League. Within the statements, he specified the time and place in which the abuse occurred, noting that one of them occurred even while he had a 17 weeks pregnant.

She also highlighted the aggression that was triggered due to a jealous attack and that ended up leading her to surgery after one of her implants was displaced and the doctors at the Manchester Utd they couldn’t fix it. In it, he highlights that he had to flee from Anthony with the help of the player’s physiotherapist.

Likewise, he also commented that some of these attacks occurred in the presence of the soccer player’s mother and that even after their separation, the selected brazilian, He threatened her with death warning her that he did not want to see her with anyone else.

The complaints were accompanied by evidence such as the photos of the attacks and the call to testify by one of his friends who witnessed one of the attacks on Gabriela.

Until now the Manchester Utd has not issued any position on the matter, but it is expected that in the next few hours the team will release a statement regarding the issue of soccer player.


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