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Anti-violence transfers Valverde’s aggression to Baena to Competition: they could fall from 4 to 12 games of sanction

The Anti-Violence Commission has decided to send the Competition Committee of the RFEF the aggression of Fede Valverdeplayer of the real Madridto Alex Baenasoccer player villarrealas has been advanced by the AS Diary. This body will meet this Wednesday to open an extraordinary file with which it will call to declare the parties. A resolution is expected in a period of a month and a half. With the matter to the sports route, the punishment for the white player can range from four to twelve games.

Currently, against Valverde’s version appears the complaint that Baena presented to the National Police at a police station in Castellón the day after the Bernabéu game. The punch occurred in the bus waiting area and the Villarreal player’s medical report shows a trauma. Another white player, Álvaro Odriozola, could have witnessed the attack. After the events occurred, Baena had a visible wound on his left cheekbone.

Fede Valverde, a Real Madrid player, receives an ovation at the Bernabéu after the first leg of the Champions League. JUANJO MARTIN / EFE

The Sports Law is discarded

Likewise, part of the report that an agent took shortly after the events occurred, recognized by the Uruguayan player, has been reported. All these documents will be taken care of by the Competition. Therefore, with this move, Anti-violence rules out applying the Sports Law to Valverde, which would have entailed a period of disqualification and economic sanction. He could even have been prohibited from accessing sports venues, as is the case with the ultras who are also judged by this rule.

The foreseeable thing is that the Uruguayan fulfills the punishment next season. The sanction to Valverde could oscillate between the four and the twelve parties. If the Real Madrid player admits the facts, as he has already done before other instances, the lesser penalty could be applied to him. It should be remembered that Villarreal did not file a complaint, so the Competition must act upon receiving the Anti-Violence report. In any case, the Submarine has publicly endorsed his player’s version.

Real Madrid defends Valverde

The white club has not published an official statement in this regard, although all the sources that have spoken about Valverde’s aggression have agreed to come out in favor of the Madrid footballer. The first and clearest was Carlo Ancelotti, who also gave him the title against Chelsea, the first duel after the incident. “He highlighted his human quality”, something that was seconded by the Bernabéu, who gave the Uruguayan a standing ovation.

After the first leg of the Champions League, Carletto reaffirmed himself, designating him as “the best in the field”. The Uruguayan midfielder thanked him on social networks for what he had experienced: “Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You make the nights even more magical.” For Real Madrid, the fact that the case finally ends in the sports court is a source of relief, because the application of the Sports Law could result in a disqualification of up to six months that would leave Valverde out of the game.

“Proud of Baena”

The Uruguayan soccer player has only spoken once on the subject and it was with a brief: “Yes, I am better mentally.” At all times, the player’s entourage justified the attack by assuring that Baena insulted Fede’s second child in a Copa del Rey match where he allegedly told him: “Cry now that your son is not going to be born”. Mina Bonino, a journalist and Valverde’s partner, suffered complications during her pregnancy that were finally minimized.

Currently, no audiovisual evidence of this event has been released, although during the match, Valverde refrained from carrying out an attack that he would later carry out. It happened after a skirmish between the two rivals, the result of an action in the game. In this struggle for the account of the facts between the aggressor and the victim, Villarreal’s fans promoted a support movement in favor of their player this past weekend. In minute 16, coinciding with his number, his name was chanted to applause and a banner with the motto: “Proud of Baena” was displayed in the stands.

Villarreal fans unfurl a banner in favor of Álex Baena. EPE


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