Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Anti-violence proposes a fine of more than 60 thousand euros for the authors of the Vinicius doll

The The Anti-Violence Commission agreed on Monday to propose fines of 60,001 euros to each of the four individuals identified as authors of hanging from a bridge near the Real Madrid Sports City a doll with the shirt of Real Madrid player Vinícius Júnior and a banner with the slogan “Madrid hates Real”.

The sanction proposal includes that the perpetrators of the events, which occurred on January 26 before the Copa del Rey quarterfinal match between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madridare prohibited from accessing sports venues for two years, as confirmed by the Higher Sports Council (CSD).

On May 25, the head of the Investigating Court number 26 of Madrid decreed the provisional release of the fourwho were arrested as allegedly responsible for the events, but charged with a hate crime and prohibited from approaching the player, his place of work and the Santiago Bernabéu and Cívitas Metropolitano stadiums in certain matches.

Anti-violence also proposed fines of 5,000 euros and a ban on access to sports venues for one year to three individuals who have been identified as the perpetrators of making racist gestures also directed against Vinícius in the Valencia-Real Madrid match played on May 21.

The The Commission decided to increase the penalty from the €4,000 foreseen to €5,000“understanding that the perpetrators were aware of the reprehensibility of their actions as this type of behavior had been repeated and their perpetrators had been subject to sanctions in several games throughout this season and, also, caused the match to be stopped.”

After the LaLiga complaint, the three involved are summoned to testify on the 19th in the investigating court 10 of Valencia for a possible hate crime and Valencia was sanctioned with the closure of its animation stands for five games -later reduced to three- by the disciplinary committees of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

On the occasion of the Valencia-Real Madrid match, Antiviolencia also proposed a fine of 3,001 euros, and a ban on access to sports venues for a period of six months, to a fan who, in a venue near the Valencia field, disturbed the order and confronted officials when they intervened to stop their attitude.

The Commission in turn agreed to propose fines of 4,000 euros, and prohibition of access to sports venues for twelve months, to six individuals who participated outside the Real Sociedad stadium “actively in throwing various objects and furniture from the terraces of the bars to the rival fans”on the occasion of the match against Roma on March 16.

Another 84 people who carried “various blunt objects and remained in ambush in a children’s park,” according to Antiviolencia, “waiting for rival fans while they were escorted by officials at the end of the Rayo Vallecano-Atlético de Madrid match, on the past 9 April”, they were also proposed to pay fines of 1,500 euros, and a ban on access to sports venues for three months.

Antiviolence also agreed Sanctions of 4,000 euros for the Osasuna and Rayo Vallecano clubs and 3,001 for Sevilladue to deficiencies in the measures to control the permanence of spectators in various matches.


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